Lucite International is pleased to announce that a new microsite for its polymers business in EAME has just launched, www.LuciteDiakon.com. The Diakon® team are specialists in tailor-making PMMA polymers to meet specific customer requests and the new microsite has been designed to support their specific customer needs and to showcase the wide range of bespoke PMMA polymer solutions available.

Diakon® is manufactured in Lucite International’s plant in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, where poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) is both standardised and customised in a range of different variants and colours. Some of the applications of Diakon® include cosmetic packaging, light management and medical diagnostic devices.

The new Diakon® microsite provides a concise overview of the key benefits of using PMMA, such as scratch resistance, colour, gloss and effect and impact resistance, in order to better educate and help both current and future users. It also provides service information and helpful product information, such as safety data sheets and technical data sheets. The ‘Media’ section will be regularly updated with useful presentations for customers.

A number of case studies are included on the microsite offering more details on different PMMA polymer solutions. One of the case studies features Lucite® Diakon® PMMA compounds being used to design high diffusion, bright LED lamp covers, while another features Lucite® Diakon® Frost being used for architectural applications, such as roofing. Irrefutably, Diakon® can be used as widely and differently as the customer wants.

The microsite is extremely user friendly and informative, and is available in four languages: English, German, French and Italian, in order to serve the international customer base.

Tristan Breukers, Commercial Manager of Lucite International’s EAME Polymer business adds:

“Our new website is a great reflection of the high value service that we stand for. We are extremely proud of the site and feel it will be effective in sharing our message that we can tailor-make PMMA polymers solutions to meet specific customer needs.”

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