China is currently the world’s third largest market for acrylic and the talented individuals within Lucite International’s (LI) sales teams in the country are a key part of the company’s global operations.

The Guangzhou and Beijing offices – alongside a third in Shanghai – continually strive to deliver outstanding value and performance for all upstream and downstream customers in the region. Their aim is to go further in the relationships they create with customers, suppliers and industry partners. Meet the team.

The Guangzhou sales office was set up in 2006 and is currently based in a high-rise office building in the busy Commercial Centre of the city. The four staff – branch manager and upstream sales manager Ivan Ho, who helped to set up the office, downstream sales manager David Li, upstream CSR Suki Leung and downstream CSR Vivian Ou, have a customer base of more than 100.

Every member of the team has over five years’ service with LI and this month Ivan will have been with the company 17 years. He said: “Suki and I came from Hong Kong and have learned our company’s style of doing things. We’ve set up and operated this local office, which is very different to being in Hong Kong. I love the warm family atmosphere and find it very motivating to be a part of LI.”

Almost 1,500 miles south, the Beijing office was established in 1993 and today three staff, serving some 70 customers, are based in the northeast downtown area of the city amid the US, Malaysian, Indian, Japanese and French embassies.

Branch manager and sales manager Bill Zhang, who will have notched up 12 years with the company this month, works alongside customer services representative (CSR) Nina Zuo and marketing development downstream sales supervisor Gary Wang.

Gary is enthusiastic about the wide variety of creative opportunities offered by acrylics and relishes introducing the material to designers, fabricators and students. “They are the real designers of the future and I enjoy helping them to realise their designs with LI’s products supplied by our customers,” he added.

The sales teams are passionate about continuing to achieve outstanding value and performance for all their customers as they deliver LI’s products to the China market. To get in touch with any of the LI Sales Offices click here for details

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