Team photo of employees involved in the United Way project

One person can lift a rock, but a team can move a mountain. Lucite International (LI) has been a long-term supporter of United Way (UW), a national non-profit organisation comprised of volunteers, contributors, and local charities helping people in their own communities through education, income stability and healthy living. The organisation has local chapters that people at LI sites support, and in each case, the money raised and their hands-on project work directly benefits those who live in the surrounding community.

Recently the Americas region focused on a major charity endeavour for UW when 32 Lucite Center and Fite Road employees took part in the charity’s ‘Day of Caring’ event. The team  spent a day renovating a run-down community centre as part of a project being spearheaded by the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team to revamp the building for its future purpose as a children’s shelter for at-risk youth. 

 As the UW campaign continued and fundraising began, employees together raised over $75,000 for UW Mid South and UW Houston areas. 

UW facts and Lucite employees clearing pathways and overgrown borders

Sean Kelley, one of LI’s UW campaign managers, said: “The Foundation is really valuable in that it serves to help so many smaller organisations around the area that would otherwise lack the ability to find sufficient funding. It is through this support that these smaller organisations are able to help improve their communities as a whole.”

Asked about how LI was able to increase funds, Sean said: “Getting people involved in contributing was much easier when we were able to get away from the monotony of a simple pledge form.” Various donation games were employed such as a raffle drawing, where employees bought tickets in the hope of winning a cash prize. Sites hosted a bake sale where employees bid on sweet treats brought in by fellow co-workers, as well as a silent auction where contestants bid for prizes ranging from prime office parking spots to a ‘date night’ package at local establishments around town.