The LuciteLux® cast acrylic team and key partners were at LightSpace California for the first time this spring to inspire visitors with their interactive showcase of lighting solutions. It was a busy show with architects, designers, and lighting specialists gathering in our booth to explore the capabilities of using our bespoke LuciteLux® Illuminations Series in conjunction with light. Jane Nash, Sales Development Manager for the brand, shares some highlights of this exciting show.


Booth LS 2017


LightSpace California, co-located with the LED Show and Strategies in Light, is an event dedicated to sharing inspiration, ideas and expertise in creating exceptional design incorporating light. The LuciteLux® booth, manned by a team including Jane, Lenore Torres, Kim Edwards, Dai Takayama, Andy Janowicz, was a 20’ x 20’, interactive showcase for the LuciteLux® Illumination Series; LuciteLux® Light Guide Panel, designed for edge-lit applications and LuciteLux® Spectrum and Spectrum Block, designed for back-lit applications and more.

Partners from Cooledge, LightBoard Technologies, SignEffectz, Inc. and Universal Laser Systems, Inc. joined the team in the booth to help translate visitors’ inquiries into potential design solutions. These brand partners also played a key part in a special two-hour event, which gave designers a real insight into the amazing potential of using LuciteLux® cast acrylic with light in architecture of all kinds. Jane said: “Attendees at Strategies and Light and the LED Show were directed to our booth for a two-hour program of prototype demonstrations using our products from start to finish. We took them through the acrylic manufacturing process, fabrication techniques all the way through to the illumination options of using LEDs with our acrylic. It was great to see eyes light up at the possibilities and very satisfying to discover that taking time to educate and share practical know-how really does make a difference, especially when you have a chance to talk one-on-one with designers.”


Booth1 LS 2017


We asked Jane why the LuciteLux® team decided to exhibit at LightSpace.California. She said: “The show was recommended to us by Thérèse Lahaie, winner of our Just Imagine Awards in 2015, and a lighting consultant who we’ve continued to work with in 2016/2017 to promote our brand. This year Thérèse was honored to serve as the program advisor for LightSpace.California and it was evident that she helped ensure the emphasis remained on inspiration and design enhanced by technological solutions. We exhibited at Strategies in Light years ago when it was in its infancy and were excited to take the opportunity to introduce our products to a different audience, namely architectural and lighting designers. I think it is definitely a show that we’ll have on our radar for future years.”




Cooledge is a leading provider of luminous surface products for architectural design. The company has developed multiple offerings of proprietary lighting technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into all forms and scale of the built environment enabling surfaces in lieu of light points for general illumination.


LightBoard Technologies is a LED technology development company that focuses on the in-store display marketplace.


Sign Effectz, Inc. is a custom sign manufacturer that blends creativity with technology to provide customers with visually effective and physically durable signage.


Universal Laser Systems is a global manufacturer of laser material processing solutions.