Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd (MRC) will celebrate the 80th anniversary of its foundation on 31 August 2013. To mark this occasion MRC has produced a commemorative poster expressing how they have passed along the traditions and corporate culture built by Group employees over the past 80 years while striving to create new businesses with global perspectives.

The poster depicts classical instruments, which although created many hundreds of years ago, are still being used to produce new and exciting melodies. This visual metaphor highlights how MRC is maintaining its traditions while striving for new development.  The poster also depicts the integration, or weaving together of Eastern and Western cultures. This is something that continues to evolve as MRC and Lucite International (LI) employees work together at all levels to integrate their individual operations towards a seamless whole.

It has been over four years since LI became a part of MRC on 28 May 2009. In that time the businesses have grown ever stronger and LI has further strengthened its position as the world’s largest supplier of MMA, the essential building block for all acrylics.

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