Recently, the Royal Academy of Engineering announced Lucite International as a partner for the Engineering for Growth campaign which is aimed at highlighting the massive contribution engineering makes to the UK economy and driving innovation.

To support the campaign the Academy is hosting a display at its London headquarters, Prince Philip House. Launched this week, the display showcases examples of the Engineering for Growth themes such as energy, skills and jobs, quality of life and sustainability.

Lucite International was invited to provide examples demonstrating the company’s engineering expertise. Illustrating how the company is helping to achieve growth in sustainability is a fluorescent Perspex® Lava Orange 3T19 3-D dinosaur kit (pictured) created by acrylic fabrication specialists K2. The dinosaur was specifically created by K2 for the Perspex® Stand at Euroshop 2011, the world’s leading trade fair, held in Düsseldorf every three years.

Kevin from K2 explained that the dinosaur kit idea started our as “a bit of fun” based on the plywood dinosaur skeletons you see in various exhibits and puzzles – the original models were fabricated using Perspex® Clear and Perspex® Acid Green 6T66.

The Engineering for Growth campaign aims to support growth in UK businesses where engineering plays a fundamental role by promoting careers within the profession and identifying some of the key challenges facing UK engineering today and in the future. The Royal Academy of Engineering is also collaborating with other leading technology firms, engineering bodies, and the government to demonstrate the economic impact and societal benefits delivered by engineering, which contributes £481bn in added value to the UK economy.

The link to our blog on the Engineering for Growth campaign can be found here and details of the full Perspex® product range here.