Hugely popular TV talent show, The Voice, will be featuring the clear Ferguson Hill (FH) speaker system made from Perspex® (LuciteLux® in the USA) in its ‘Battle Rounds’ phase – watch out for them on screen behind judge, Will.I.Am!

FH’s specialist high-end horn loaded loudspeakers are made from Perspex® Clear. Standing at 1.7m, the speakers produce incredibly high quality sound and create a spectacular statement in any setting.

Founded in 2003 by former aeronautical engineer, Timothy Hill, the company arrived on the hi-fi and audio scene with the design and British manufacture of the FH001, the world’s first front-loaded horn dipole loudspeaker. The FH001 continues as FH’s icon product and has always been made with Perspex®. Tim said: “We use a rather complex method of drape/blow moulding from flat Perspex® sheet. It’s a tricky process but the end result is rather beautiful even if I do say so myself! The main reason for using this material is that we can achieve the complex horn shape going from a circular throat to an oval mouth with all the complex curves involved. This gives us an even sound wave expansion and gives a great acoustical impedance match between the moving drive unit and the air in the room.”

FH is currently trying to raise funding through the kickstarter programme to develop a unique clear speaker system that has full digital and wireless connectivity that looks great and sounds fantastic. Tim continued: “As modern flat screen TVs get thinner the sound quality of the internal speakers has become worse and worse. However the option of placing conventional box speakers either side of your TV can look pretty ugly. Our speaker system will give great sound for your TV and give you the full home theatre experience. Just as important, this system will be your main hi fi and will sound great with all genres of music. We have already designed some great sounding and looking clear speakers, and we now need to take this one stage further and include the full digital and wireless connectivity to make a great sounding and fully functional speaker system.”

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