Our ideas and creativity have helped shape the world around us. We need to keep this going; to continuously improve in bringing exciting new value-adding products and services to our customers that will help their businesses – and our own – grow. What better way to illustrate this value and our creative energies in action than the Perspex® acrylic team’s introduction of its yummiest color range yet! Enter Perspex® Sweet Pastels.

This newly developed cell cast Perspex® acrylic collection is made up of eight unique pastel shades and is available globally via existing distribution channels. The launch aims to emphasize the brand’s passion for pigments, its ability to forecast color trends and its creative approach to regularly energizing the marketplace.


The talented team in the color lab at Darwen developed the Pastels collection, which is based on the Perspex® acrylic team’s trend research. They discovered a move towards cooler, softer tones across many segments and found no representative color palette existed in the EMEA acrylic sheet market. Recognising this gap led directly to the creation of the Perspex® Sweet Pastels offer.

These fresh pops of color are set to tempt creators by offering a Pick ‘n’ Mix of mouth-watering flavors; they’re vibrant, fun and inspiring, and are sure to feed designers’ and customers’ imaginations for their next projects.


The range is available in standard sheet size with 3mm thickness. An additional benefit of each sheet is the one-sided satin/ one-sided gloss finish, which provides the best of both worlds for users. The Perspex® sales team welcomes any additional request for customization.

Beccy Jepson, Marketing Manager for the Perspex® acrylic brand, commented: “We’re aiming to establish a fresh market persona with this new product range and its exciting launch campaign, which we hope will challenge the current plastics market by introducing personable characters to represent each color. All eight personalities will feature in the promotion alongside a not-so-rhetorical question, What’s Your Flavour?, which prompts you to choose your favorite. After resoundingly positive feedback on the concept products at 100%Design and from some of our customers, we felt confident to take a different, more light-hearted, slightly quirky approach to our promotional campaign. We’re looking forward to see how it’s all received in the marketplace.”

Visit the Sweet Pastels section on the Perspex® brand website for more information on our new and exciting color range.