Our loyal customer, Saturn Bath has supplied bathtubs and washbasins made entirely of Lucite® Acrylic Resin for the prestigious Seamarq Hotel in Gangneung-Gyeong-pyo, South Korea, which has been awarded First Prize in the category of Hotel Culture by the Korean Tourism Organization. It is a super-stylish hotel that has received much recognition for its high-end facilities, personalised customer service and breath-taking architectural design.

‘Areum’ is a unique material developed by Saturn Bath in partnership with Lucite International (LI). It is an environmentally friendly material made from 100% acrylic and described by many as the finest artificial marble. It is superior in texture and has an incredible sense of luxury; warm to the touch and with a soft color palette. Seamarq’s Areum bathtubs and washbasins exemplify design excellence. They are modern and simple, hand-finished by people dedicated to their craft and obsessed with achieving the perfect finish.

The free-standing bathtub gives many practical benefits too – no need for the silicone associated with fitting a flush-style bathtub, freedom to place the bathtub in any space, easy to install and keep hygienically clean – all very important considerations for a prestigious hotel, where the visitor experience is paramount.

It’s not just five-star hotels that are recognizing the contemporary elegance and high performing qualities of restroom products made from Saturn Bath’s acrylic-based artificial marble, Areum. The recently opened terminal two (T2) at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport is equipped exclusively with washbasins made from Areum.

As part of a mission to create one of the world’s best airports, T2’s washrooms have been designed to provide beautiful, hygienically clean facilities in an elegant, calming environment. The new public washrooms, which Saturn Bath introduced to Incheon, address all of the previous disadvantages of the facilities, giving visitors a completely transformed user experience while being much easier to clean and maintain. Areum is more textured than other similar materials and is able to harmonize with warm colors or soft white to create a uniquely serene atmosphere. Created by craftsmen, it is ideal for use in high-traffic public facilities, as it does not discolour even after continual cleaning.

Areum products can be cast using a mould or frame to create washbasins tailored to suit any space. The large, slab-style washbasins at Incheon International Airport are unique; specially sized, smooth, with clean lines and soft edges and corners for a seamless fit in the environment. Another of Saturn Bath’s products launched at T2 was a novel freestanding washbasin, which avoids the need for silicon thereby reducing the risk of bacteria or mould. It’s an interior design statement and can quite literally be installed anywhere.

Saturn Bath continues to collaborate with global designers – challenging convention and delivering luxury products with intelligent high-performing qualities locked in. It has also supplied washroom solutions to high-end hotels and resorts, airports that include Gimpo, Jeju, Ulsan, national institutions and some of Korea’s most renowned schools.