Perspex acrylic kitty mobile with Poopy Cat

Little did Thomas Vles suspect that momentarily losing one of his beloved pet cats would end up in him taking them on a wild adventure from Amsterdam to London in a ‘kitty mobile’ made with Perspex® acrylic.

While cleaning the litter tray for his two cats, Mushi and Cheesy, Mushi decided to use the bag of cat litter as a lavatory. At that moment, Thomas had a striking realisation that his cat did not associate the litter tray as a toilet, but the litter chips themselves. It did not take him long to conceptualise the idea for a biodegradable cat litter box, sparking the birth of Poopy Cat. And soon the product range expanded to include customisable cat playhouses branded as BLOCKS. 

With some innovative new products to offer to millions of cat lovers around the world it was time to think of how to launch the Poopy Cat. “I know how much the British love their animals,” Thomas said, “and from the overwhelming response we had to our online videos and Kickstarter campaign we knew that the UK had to be the next destination for Poopy Cat.”

The launch campaign for the UK needed a real dash of creativity, and it needed to focus on the comfort of its main users – the cats! So the Poopy Cat team decided on a road trip from Amsterdam to London in a kitty mobile, which had to be built in a lightweight glasslike material, somewhat resistant to bumps! Soon, a solution for first class pet travel was delivered by Perspex®. It offered the best views a cat could dream of as well as protection from all-weather conditions along the way; Mushi and Cheesy could lounge at ease and enjoy the scenery for their 300 mile trip.

Perspex acrylic kitty mobile by Poopy cat/ launch campaign

We asked Thomas about the highlights of his adventure. He said: “The best part of the trip for me was to see that the cats really loved being in their Perspex® acrylic kitty mobile – they actually didn’t want to come out whenever we made a stop. People’s positive reactions kept me really motivated to reach our finish line – the Poop-Up Store at London’s Old Street Underground station, where we were met with cheers and laughter!”

Check out the Behind the Scenes video!