Everyone at our site in Singapore takes huge pride in community work, with a growing team of CSR (corporate social responsibility) volunteers leading the way.

Earlier this year, before the days of social distancing, the team took part in ‘Project We Care – Jalan With Your Buddy’ – organised in part by the People’s Association of Singapore in collaboration with our team.


It’s an effort started to help any families struggling financially to buy food and household items, giving them a helping hand in their times of need.

This time, 23 families joined us at Kebun Baru Community Centre where Chee Ming Tok, LISPL General Manager, shared a light-hearted story and encouraging words with before the volunteers got into groups and headed for the nearby supermarket.

Two members of the team – Tan Soo Hong, SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) Manager and Lee Swee Lee, Buyer – told us:

“Our volunteers helped the families with grocery shopping within an allocated budget. Some of our volunteers also helped the families carry the items back to their homes.

“During the grocery shopping, we were able to share many an interesting chat with the families. It was a fun and fulfilling event that highlighted the importance of sharing in the community.

“While the beneficiaries were happy and thanked our volunteers for the help and support, the greatest reward to us all was the opportunity to play our part in giving back to those who are in need. It was also encouraging that more than half of the 23 volunteers are new to participating in our CSR events; this shows the enthusiasm and sense of community spirit among us.”

This is the second ‘Jalan With Your Buddy’ event LISPL has helped out with since the first event in 2019.