Out and about in the big city, your local mall or on the high street, you are never far from acrylic being used to point you in the right direction, portray a brand identity, display and protect products, or simply to create a beautiful installation. Without us realizing it, acrylic is quite literally everywhere …


Supermarkets and banks

Next time you visit your bank, the supermarket or your local superstore take a look at the signage – the chances are it is likely to be made from acrylic. The ability to choose from a vast range of standard colors or to exact color-match means brands can stay true to their identity. Having the signage outdoors is no issue; the excellent weatherability of acrylic means it continues to look and perform well for longer in all weather conditions.

Australian bank ANZ use Perspex® acrylic for signage.

As you wander up and down the supermarket aisles, you may never get the chance to look up. If you did, you might see Perspex® Light acrylic used to illuminate walkways and displays efficiently and effectively. Perspex® Light acrylic is a sheet product, made by Lucite International, that is specially engineered to optimize the use of energy-efficient LEDs in panel lighting. It produces cool, even, bright illumination that treads lightly on the environment.

Robustness in retail

Passing through town and walking into your favorite shop opens up a whole new world of acrylic used in displays and point of purchase applications. Its excellent optical clarity coupled with strength, durability and design flexibility make acrylic the ideal material to both protect and show off all kinds of products – from big brand trainers to fine jewelry, fashion to phones, Perspex® acrylic and its US equivalent, LuciteLux® acrylic, are working hard in stores wherever you are in the world.

Delicious displays

When you take a break for coffee or are tempted by those delicious sweet treats behind a clear screen – you’ll quite often be gazing through crystal clear acrylic. Another of the benefits of acrylic is that it is ultra smooth and easy to keep hygienically clean so not only does it show off products at their best, it also acts as an easy-maintenance barrier to keep food safe from contamination.

So the next time you are out and about in the big city, your local mall or on the high street, you should take a look around and see that acrylic really is everywhere.

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