Increasing consciousness of the need to protect our world for future generations means that industries, individuals and businesses everywhere are looking for ways to make a difference. Government policies put in place to support this movement, with saving energy and cutting carbon emissions as top priorities, require a commitment to change, along with new technologies and applications that will help deliver progress.

We hear how Lucite International’s operation in Taiwan (KMC) has worked alongside acrylic sheet manufacturers to develop opportunities for Solar IR-Cut acrylic sheet, a new material that cuts energy use by 25% and generates many other benefits beyond.

Taiwan is located in the subtropics and, as such, the climate is hot with long sunlight hours in summer. Solar IR-Cut acrylic sheet has been proven to block over 95% of infrared (IR) energy. When used as a glazing material it effectively lowers indoor temperatures by about 5°C in a ventilated space, thus reducing air conditioning and heating energy consumption and lowering overall running costs. This makes Solar IR-Cut acrylic ideal for use in greenhouses, skylights, roof covers, and in patio door and window glazing.

Now, KMC’s sheet customer, Yen Nan Acrylic Co., (YNAC) has used Solar IR-Cut acrylic sheets to build a highly efficient, environmentally friendly Greenhouse Farming Plant. And it is proving to be a huge success. The plants and flowers are flourishing, energy consumption is lower, which means costs are lower and both the planet and YNAC are benefiting.



Let’s look at YNAC’s Greenhouse Farming Plant – the first of its kind to use Solar IR-Cut acrylic:

In response to government policy, YNAC decided to develop a greenhouse building with very special characteristics, including the use of green energy as the source of power.

Solar panels were installed so that all available sunlight could be used not only for helping plants grow but also to generate electricity

YNAC employed ‘intelligent’ production control systems in order to achieve higher efficiencies. Intelligent temperature and humidity controls are based on the outside climate conditions. The safe, high-quality, energy-saving and pesticide-free greenhouse is managed throughout using innovative technology, making intelligent monitoring a reality

Neither soil nor crop rotation is required, leading to lower chances of insects and other pests

As water and nutrition are re-used cyclically, high productivity can still be achieved no matter what the outdoor weather conditions or geographical environment. This advanced production system delivers more than five times plant yield when compared to traditional farming methods.


KMC’s Bella Wang commented: “Solar IR-Cut acrylic sheets formed the prime display in our booth at the 2016 Taipei Building & Decoration Exposition and were definitely the biggest highlight of the show! Already YNAC has had enquiries and visits from agricultural research departments, biotechnology industries, and farming businesses generally, all of whom are very interested in collaborations. With the huge threat of global climate change, KMC believes wholeheartedly that we must continue to produce and promote excellent quality acrylic sheets backed with technology and service support to ensure that the Greenhouse Farming Plant – and possibly other businesses like it – will pave the way for a whole new era in agricultural development in Taiwan.”