For the second year running, our Acrylic Design Awards have been encouraging innovation and exploring the potential for acrylic in Turkey as we work with our partner in the region, Ak-tas, to help shape the future in an inspiring, sustainable way.

Entries to the competition closed last week and the response has been fantastic! An impressive progression from last year’s competition which itself surpassed all expectations.

Alan Gallagher, EMEA Sales & Marketing Director, told us more about building on last year’s success, working with Ak-tas and why the competition is important commercially.

Why did we decide to return to Turkey?

“Holding ADA 2020 back in Turkey has allowed us to implement all of the key learnings we got from the 2019 competition. With 2019 being the inaugural year, there were bound to be aspects of the process and the competition itself that could be improved with the benefit of hindsight. Being back in Turkey with the same dedicated team from Ak-tas, we can do just that.

“Last year’s competition also generated significant interest throughout the Turkish acrylic industry. Returning for another year gives more opportunity for direct and indirect MMA/pMMA customers to take part.”

How did our university roadshow tour go?

“In 2019, we had no idea what kind of response to expect from the student community, but even the most optimistic of us could never have foreseen the sheer volume and quality of entries we received.

“We’d concentrated our roadshow efforts on Istanbul and the surrounding area, but the competition generated so much interest from all over Turkey that we decided this year to expand the roadshow schedule to visit more universities across the country.

“In doing so, we’ve reached many more students and received a much greater number of entries. The atmosphere at these visits has been excellent. A real creative buzz has been generated and we’ve been consistently impressed by the quality of questions being asked.”

What impact are we seeing commercially?

“Commercially, the competition is proving an enormous success for both Lucite International and Ak-tas, with excellent contacts being generated across the acrylic designer and specifier fraternity. It’s these contacts who will drive the future use of acrylic in many industries, in a region where MMA/pMMA demand remains strong compared to other EMEA regions.

“It’s important that we remain visible as a responsible and forward-thinking market leader in Turkey, and the Acrylic Design Awards project allows us to fulfil this key objective and so much more.”

What happens next?

“Our expert judges are already hard at work evaluating the designs and deciding on a shortlist. If last year’s entries are anything to go by, they have a very tough task! While this is being done, planning is in full-swing for the awards ceremony at the beginning of April where the winning designs from the shortlist will finally be revealed.”