As a world-leading supplier of acrylic-based products and material solutions, Lucite International (LI) is committed to working with our partners across EMEA to help shape the future in an inspiring, sustainable and responsible way.

As part of this commitment, we have been focusing on the local design community in Turkey with our regional partner, Ak-tas, to drive innovation and explore potential for acrylic with the first ‘”Shaping the future” Acrylic Design Awards.

Entries to the competition closed yesterday and we have been overwhelmed with the response we’ve had! Our panel of prestigious judges will soon begin the process of narrowing down the diverse, creative and inspired designs submitted by students from across the country.

Alan Gallagher, LI’s Sales Director for Africa, Middle East and Turkey, spoke about the relationship between LI and Ak-tas and why Turkey was the ideal choice for the Awards.

Pictured: Alan Gallagher, Lucite International’s Sales Director for Africa, Middle East and Turkey

“LI and Ak-tas have a relationship that goes back over 20 years, with many of the two companies’ personnel sharing an ICI heritage. As a consequence, we have a compatible business style and closely shared values. It is easy to see why the two companies are very natural partners.

“As Lucite International and its business objectives have progressed, Ak-tas has provided excellent local support. They anticipate LI’s needs and are always an extremely willing partner as we continue to work together on customer-focused business and supply chain projects.”

Why Turkey?

“If the question is “Why Turkey?” the answer is very simple – Turkey likes acrylic! As a country, total consumption of acrylic molecules, either in the form of sheet, monomer or polymer, has increased by approximately 100% in the last ten years.

“Turkey’s unique geographic location means it is also an incredibly dynamic marketplace. It can attract product from Europe, Asia, Russia, and now from new manufacturing facilities in the Middle East. As an export market, a high proportion of global GDP is within a four-hour flight of Turkey. This has resulted in significant foreign investment that complements the local entrepreneurial culture. Up until 2015, Turkey was a market that we supplied intermittently, however, it has become a key, strategic market, which we want to nurture and develop.

“Our objective with the Acrylic Design Awards was to raise awareness and understanding of the potential acrylic offers in meeting the needs of society now and in the future. By stimulating and helping to educate the next generation of acrylic designers, users and consumers, we hope to demonstrate that LI is fully committed as an industry leader to support sustainable market development even further.”