Acrylic Design Winners Celebrate in China

A student from Taiwan National Cheng Kung University has won first prize in Lucite International’s Acrylic Design Competition for his work called ‘Stand Still’. Xu Yuanjin’s concept soap dispenser uses advanced acrylic processing technology to form a uniquely shaped unit, which can be refilled time after time with disposable sachets of liquid soap. ‘Stand Still’ enables users to reduce waste and minimise environmental impact while looking extremely stylish in any bathroom space.

Now in its fourth successful year, Lucite International’s Acrylic Design Competition attracted 175 entries from seven top universities: Tsinghua University, Nanjing Arts Institute, Tongji University, China Academy of Art, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and Taiwan National Cheng Kung University. This year the Company introduced a new category to encourage the creative use of LEDs with acrylic. Zhang Yan from Tongji University won the special LED award for his work entitled ‘Snowing’, which uses cool LED light to celebrate the unique material qualities and processability of acrylic.

Zhang Yan’s ‘Snowing’ concept shows off the smooth surface and crystal clarity of acrylic on the outside, while inside the beautifully cut and polished snowflakes illustrated the intricate possibilities of processing the material. Using LED as a cool light source, the concept provides a near real sense of snow falling on a dark winter’s night; a perfect example of the how light and acrylic can perform together to create a stunning display.

The 2012 Acrylic Design Competition culminated in 21 students celebrating awards for their work at a special ceremony held at 1933, the Old Factory Centre in Shanghai. Among those winners were joint second prize students from National Cheng Kung University and GuangZhou Academy of Fine Arts. Again the second prize winning entries illustrated the beauty of working with acrylic. The smooth curves of ‘Chair’ in an array of bright, primary colours would sit comfortably in any contemporary environment, while ‘Mr Reminder’ is a novel use of acrylic with built-in LED, which creates a modern take of a traditional calendar.

Lucite International works with local cast acrylic sheet manufacturers in Asia to make the Acrylic Design Competition possible. Their partners include: Shanghai Raychung Acrylic Industry Co Ltd, Taixing Domchamp Acrylics Co Ltd, Ningbo Tachygem Acrylic Industry Co Ltd, Lei Mei Acrylic (Dongguan) Co Ltd, Shanghai Acrylic Chemical Industry Co Ltd, Zhejiang Longyou Zhanyu Acrylic Co Ltd, and Heshan Respect Acrylic Co Ltd.