With its outstanding physical properties; exceptional optical clarity, excellent weatherability, UV resistance, and being light-weight, shock and abrasion resistance, there is no surprise that acrylic is the ideal material for architects, artists and interior designers to use in their work all around the world. Whether forming part of the fabric of a building or enhancing its appearance inside and out, acrylic can be used quite literally anywhere: for windows and doors, exterior cladding and canopies, in lighting and interior schemes and so much more…

Architects continually opt for acrylic and its versatility to enhance buildings aesthetically and/or strengthen them structurally. Winner of the 2012 ‘Best New Car Park’ in Birmingham, UK featured Perspex® acrylic as a key element of its award-winning design. 113 sheets of Perspex® Frost were used to create panels which provide a perfect contrast to the concrete and steel construction.

GippsTAFE Academy, an educational institute in Traralgon, Australia has recently undergone an impressive transformation using Perspex® acrylic to create a visually distinct place for learning. The optical clarity of acrylic allows natural daylight through to the building behind and by night the entire façade is lit from the inside, adding more prominence after dusk as it illuminates the entire framework. Acrylic was favoured over glass for this project, firstly for its light-weight nature making installation easy and secondly for its outstanding UV stability in demanding weather conditions.

Our branded acrylic sheet products are available in an infinite array of contemporary and traditional colours and effects, which gives architects, specifiers and interior designer creative freedom when it comes to partitioning and fitting out spaces. High performance characteristics, such as impact, abrasion and UV resistance ensure the structures withstand wear and tear even in busy locations such as hotel lobbies, gyms and meeting rooms.

Light is an essential part of our lives and plays an integral role in the way we perceive the world around us. We love to use in our homes for decorative and functional illumination of our spaces. Businesses can use it too in so many value-adding ways – from creating the right mood and enhancing employee wellbeing to encouraging shoppers to stop and buy from a striking point of sale display. It’s also great for directional signage, communicating corporate identity across many different touch points, and advertising too. Perspex® Light acrylic is also used to illuminate walkways and displays efficiently and effectively in large commercial operations. The branded acrylic sheet product made by Lucite International is specially engineered to optimize the use of energy-efficient LEDs in panel lighting. It produces cool, even illumination and the best possible brightness to enhance the shopping experience, while treading lightly on the environment.

Our Elvakon® and TufCoat® acrylic polymers have built an established reputation for use in high performing door panels and window and door profiles all over the world. Available in a wide range of colours and different levels of gloss finishes, the co-extruded surfaces provide outstanding impact, chemical and UV resistance as well as excellent performance in all weather conditions.

When artists are imagining what they can construct using acrylic, the opportunities are quite literally endless. British artist Andrea Greenlees pushed the boundaries of design and engineering with acrylic to create ‘Trasparenza’, a ‘temple of transparency’ for the US Burning Man Festival. It was constructed using 30 giant and intricately laser-cut 12mm sheets of Perspex® Clear acrylic and created a dramatic scene that resembled a sparkling crystal crown. The rigidity of a 12mm thick sheet provided perfect material strength whilst offering the optimum light transmission for the transparent structure.


So whether you are constructing a beautiful building, creating art or working on hard-working, aesthetically pleasing interiors, you can be confident in turning to acrylic.

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