Acrylic has remained hugely popular in the fashion and beauty industry for decades. From handbags, accessories and shoes, to makeup organizers and displaying the world’s biggest brands, it’s a clear trend-setter! The design flexibility of acrylic makes it an ideal material solution whether in creating a one-off statement piece or injecting excitement and energy into sales of the latest makeup products. Designers everywhere continue to be inspired by its creative potential.

High Fashion

The 2018 Spring/Summer runways saw designers such as Hermes and Emporio Armani present some striking acrylic pieces of jewelry while Chanel wowed audiences with clear acrylic accessories.

Chanel: Acrylic jewelry on the runway 2018.


Jewelry designer Alexis Bittar, known as ‘The King of Acrylic’, has been creating iconic pieces of jewelry using the material for over 25 years. He says: “I love how the material can be manipulated, sculpted, and its ability to reflect light. It’s been on an upward trajectory since the millennium.” High-profile celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga have been seen wearing his designs. And he won the USA’s prestigious CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year back in 2010 after creating  acrylic pieces for actors in the Sex and the City blockbuster movie.


But making a style-statement with acrylic is nothing new. Handbags made from acrylic became a must-have accessory in the 1950s when fashion-forward American designers reinvented the traditional handbag into an exciting futuristic piece using the unique qualities of the material. These bags became the pinnacle of style in the 50s, with movie stars and trend-setters adopting their unique look. It’s a trend that has cascaded into the present day with celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Olivia Palermo carrying clear acrylic bags to red carpet events.

Vintage acrylic bags.


Acrylic shoes or the ‘nothing shoe’ as it is referred to in the fashion world, have been seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West wearing the Yeezy collection. Designers have been able to run wild with their imaginations, by utilizing the excellent optical clarity of acrylic to fill the heels with quirky objects, as seen in Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Alexander McQueen acrylic heeled boots.

Prabal Gurung acrylic heeled sandals.


With the beauty industry booming, acrylic is quite literally everywhere there too! Many of the world’s most famous perfume and makeup brands continue to specify acrylic is all its many creative forms – colors, finishes and surface effects – to help show off their latest offers to dazzling effect. And once you’ve made your purchases at the beauty counter, why not store those treats in a clear acrylic organizer – displaying your own private collection of makeup doesn’t get better than this!

 Makeup organizer made with Perspex® acrylic

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