Whether you are travelling on a country road, a motorway or a highway, you are never far from an acrylic product shielding you from the wind and rain, storing your personal belongings or protecting your car as an automotive topcoat. Without us realizing it, acrylic is quite literally everywhere …

Automotive Topcoats

The properties of acrylic coatings make them ideal for durable automotive topcoats: they can be matched to any color imaginable, produce a rich gloss effect while giving the ultimate protection from mechanical, chemical and UV attack.

Car Light Covers

Our Diakon® polymers have been used for exterior rear and indicator light covers. The excellent optical clarity, light transmission and color accuracy means they meet extensive automotive industry approvals. Being both strong and ultra durable means they will also withstand the rigours of wear and tear to ensure the covers are long-lasting. Even the number plate on your vehicle is likely to be made from acrylic.

Car light covers

Motorbike Windshields

You may choose to travel by motorbike, in which case, you will be looking through, and protected by, an acrylic windshield. The flexibility of our Perspex® cast acrylic means it can easily be shaped to create a windshield that can transform the look, as well as the safety and performance benefits of your bike. Available in a vast range of colors, the superb clarity, quality and weatherability of Perspex® cast acrylic means these windshields meet all safety standards while looking visually outstanding on the road.

Motorbike Windshields

Roof Top Boxes

If you are going on vacation and can’t squeeze all of your luggage into your vehicle, you may choose a roof top box for extra storage capacity. Our Diakon® and Elvakon® polymers can be easily molded into whatever shape required for roof top storage, and they will provide long-lasting strength, security and durability performance qualities plus UV protection from environmental impact.

Roof top box


If you enjoy discovering new destinations in a caravan, you might be gazing through thermoformed acrylic at your new surroundings. Its strength, durability and ability to withstand all weather conditions mean it is used almost exclusively for caravan window glazing where it performs well while being lightweight and safe.

Sound Barriers


Akripol has been working with Lucite International for 20 years. It uses our Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) to produce cast acrylic sheets, which they brand Aglas, used mainly for sound barriers.

While tempered glass is still used for sound barriers, it has now largely been replaced by cast acrylic sheets, which outperform it in so many ways. Acrylic has exceptional light transmission and is lighter weight making transportation, handling, fitting and maintenance easier. It is highly transparent, which means that drivers feel seamlessly connected to the environment, rather than being cut off from it. It is highly resistant to weathering, which means it retains its good looks for longer. And there are just so many aesthetics that can be achieved easily by custom designing and processing the acrylic sheets to suit any particular installation.


Akripol’s Aglas branded sound barriers at Veje Fjord Broen, Denmark

Bus Shelters

Even when you’re waiting for public transport you may come into contact with acrylic. The high durability and brilliant weather resistance properties of acrylic make it ideal for bus shelter construction. It provides protection from all weathers – including scorching hot sunshine – and being 10x stronger yet lighter than glass it is easy to install and makes for a safe, highly durable material option for a high-traffic environment that is often a target for vandalism.

There are endless possibilities for acrylic out and about and in the automotive sector, so the next time you are travelling in a car, on a motorbike, waiting for a bus or vacationing in a caravan, take a look around and see that it really is everywhere. And watch out for that advertising panel big or small on a bus shelter side, by the side of a track, at the gas station because that too will almost certainly be made from acrylic!

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