From the kitchen to the bathroom, the lights in the ceiling and the paint and picture frames on the wall, you are likely to be surrounded by products made out of acrylic in and around your home. Without us realizing it, acrylic is quite literally everywhere…

The versatility of acrylic means it can be used throughout your bathroom for a number of applications. Whilst soaking in the bathtub, you may not have realized that it could be made out of acrylic. Giving a luxurious feel, acrylic is warm to the touch and retains heat well, making it an optimal material for a bathtub. Lucite® cast acrylic is used by the world’s major sanitary ware manufacturers to make around 50% of the world’s acrylic baths.

100% Cast Acrylic Bath

The design flexibility of acrylic means it can also be used to create shower trays, shower cabin doors, sinks, panels and fittings. For high traffic areas such as leisure complexes, gymnasia and spas, acrylic shower panels are extremely practical and hard wearing, resisting damage from repeat use and constant exposure to chemicals. Our Asterite® acrylic composite product (available in our Asia Pacific region) can also be used as bathroom flooring; it is exceptionally hard wearing and non-slip making it safe and practical as it is easy to clean and fast drying.

In other areas of the home, such as the kitchen, you could be in contact with an acrylic product when you are preparing your meals, seasoning and serving them, or simply putting clothes in the washing machine.

Acrylic can be easily molded and can be used to create seamless surfaces throughout your kitchen, creating an aesthetically pleasing and practical space, where surface hardness and scratch resistance are important performance qualities.

Eleganz® solid Perspex® acrylic cupboard doors

Interior fittings for refrigerators are often made of acrylic; their ultra-smooth surface means they are easy to maintain and hygienically clean.

The optical clarity of acrylic makes using the material for salt and pepper mills and other homeware such as salad bowls and servers, a contemporary choice for a modern home.

Our branded Diakon® acrylic polymers are used extensively for the manufacture of electronic equipment display and infrared transmitter/receiver windows found in many household appliances such as your washing machine.

When you are relaxing in your home’s living spaces, Perspex® acrylic could be helping to illuminate the room effectively. It works with all kinds of light sources and is especially engineered to optimize the use of energy-efficient LEDs. Even the paint on the walls may be made using our MMA and Elvacite® acrylic resins. They are known for their superior durability and UV resistance, and are primarily environmentally friendly waterborne emulsions.

Clear Perspex® acrylic coffee table

In the home’s communal areas, the strength and design flexibility of acrylic make it ideal for furniture that has to be resilient to constant wear and tear, such as coffee tables, cupboards, desks and chairs. Designers all over the world love working with our acrylic products to create furniture as they have the perfect combination of high performing characteristics and beautiful aesthetics in the form of colors, effects and special finishes to choose from. From tables in ultra-thick clear acrylic to etched frost consoles and chairs in all shapes and sizes, furniture made from our high quality acrylic adds style to any interior. On a smaller scale, our Perspex® or LuciteLux® acrylic sheets can be used to make wall mounted acrylic photo frames to decorate your home and create a big visual impact.

So the next time you are relaxing, having a bath or preparing a meal, take a look around and see that acrylic really is everywhere.

If you want to find out more about how acrylic is used in other products visit the applications section of our website.