In September, Lucite International (China) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (LICC) attended Sign China 2019 in Shanghai as one of over 1,200 exhibitors presenting the best of today’s signage solutions.

This is the first time LICC has attended Sign China – a global event of seventeen years known as ‘the Oscars’ of the industry thanks to its scale and importance. LICC’s market development team gave us an insight into how it all went.

Pictured: our Sign China team, L-R: Max Zhang, Gordon Chen, Mickey Zheng, Suki Leung, Sarah Zhu, David Wu, Catherine Cai, Xu Liang, Paris Jiang.

They began:

“Our purpose is to help our customers and seek new business opportunities and we’ve been taking part in exhibitions for nearly ten years now. In 2018, we did a survey of domestic exhibitions covering a range of industries – from kitchen and bathroom equipment to construction materials. In the end, we chose Sign China for signage and advertising.”

There were a number of reasons for this choice. LICC were impressed by the resources of the exhibition organisers and the high quality of visitors from comprehensive, international backgrounds. The team were keen to attend a new exhibition for access to new audiences and new opportunities, and considered September to be the prime season for these activities.

Our booth was open on all sides and had two main themes – our parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC), corporate philosophy: “KAITEKI Value for Tomorrow” and ‘Lucite’, China’s leading acrylic brand, which is owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC).

The space allowed us to display a number of ‘special’ acrylic sheet types:

– Continuous cast acrylic sheet from Mitsubishi Chemical Polymer Nantong Co. Ltd. – using continuous cast acrylic for the first time in ultra-long outdoor light box signage with a sheet length of almost eight metres.

– Specially-processed acrylic sheet from Taiwan Feng Shin Industrial Co. Ltd. – for high-end, decorative interior design such as screens, walls and partitions.

– ‘Special effect’ acrylic sheet from MCC – including fire retardant, hard coating, heat insulation, digital printing and frosted advertising sheet.

We also enjoyed displaying the products of some of our downstream customers, including acrylic furniture and craft work. It was fantastic to host professors of design and influential entrepreneurs to our stand where our small seminars shared the latest case studies, applications and acrylic design ideas.

Pictured: The MCC/LICC team [L-R] – Ryosuke Koroku, Hisato Haseda, Satoshi Kurokawa, Hitoshi Sasaki, Jie Yang, Mickey Zeng, Mitsugi Kubo.

So, what did our visitors think? The team came across a number of themes during conversations at our stand. These were:

– What is the market position of MCC and Lucite International (LI) in the acrylics industry?

– Both MCC and LI are producers of acrylic’s raw material, MMA, and are already well-known. Why are we participating?

– How many MCC and LI clients eg. sheet producers are attending? Who are they? This was largely from people looking for a specific kind of acrylic sheet.

– What are the latest applications of acrylic? This was largely from design companies or acrylic sheet fabricators.

The team learned a lot over the three days. They said:

“The MCC/LI brand attracts interest from home and abroad. It was good to form an ‘exhibition group’ with our customers, which is more imposing and large-scale. This was a good way to introduce ourselves to the areas of the exhibition audience which were not familiar with us.

“While we also saw the rise of digital signage exhibitors during the show, next year’s exhibition will allow us more possibilities to have a bigger, tailored conference promoting acrylic compared to our smaller seminars this year.

“According to the feedback we got from customers and in light of improvements arranged for the coming years by the organisers, we look forward to exhibiting at Sign China with our customers again to open up more opportunities.”