The JUST IMAGINE Awards were introduced in the US earlier this year to celebrate the creativity and innovation of designers who have chosen to work with LuciteLux®. As the deadline to enter closes later this month on September 27th, we are speaking to a range of designers who have specialised in using LuciteLux® or Perspex®, as it is known in Europe, in their designs.

Many designers have been inspired by the creative potential of Perspex®, including the Italian design duo, Fiorella and Pamela Adreani. For over 25 years, the Adreani sisters have been using Perspex® to create the unique Adreani Gioielli line of jewellery and accessories which is decorated and finished with Swarovski crystals and sold worldwide.

The sisters grew up in a family with an immense passion and love for the Perspex® brand. In 1947 their grandfather became the exclusive Italian importer of Perspex® and their cousin Maurizio is now the sole distributor for Perspex® in Italy. Their father also worked with Perspex®, manufacturing skylights using a technique and craft which Fiorella admired and later ‘stole’ to incorporate into her own designs.

Fiorella herself, first began to experiment with using Perspex® for jewellery design when she was studying at the European Institute of Design in Milan. She later began to experiment with authentic Swarovski crystals on the jewellery, and after seeing the unique way these materials worked together they became an integral part of her designs. After spending many years shaping, cutting, decorating and transforming the material, Fiorella now defines herself as a ‘handcraft master’ of Perspex®. Fiorella explains:

“I feel that Perspex® has no secrets, I know it in every detail, every fold and every facet. I love taking something that is so cold and hard and turning it into a beautiful jewel. In the past I have been described as the ‘Tailoress of Perspex®’ due to my ability to cut and make up the material into a finished piece of beauty. I love to communicate and express myself through designing with Perspex® and feel that it is the ideal material to use.”

Adreani Gioielli has been booming since 1986, when it was first set up, and these days Fiorella handcrafts the designs while Pamela manages the marketing and administration side of the business. To complete the pieces, they are all engraved with the letter ‘A’, as a signature mark from the company logo, Adreani. Adreani Gioielli now brand its work as ‘acrylic crystal’ to stand out from the competition and avoid confusion with cheap imitations.

Pamela explains why she loves using the material,

“The reason why we choose Perspex® is not only due to the thermoformability and smoothness of the material but also its durability and the way it retains its beauty over time. We once had a Perspex® chair in our house and after 20 years it was still pure and clear! It is a very noble and precious material and we love interpreting our designs with it.”

If you love designing with Perspex®/LuciteLux® then find out more about our JUST IMAGINE Awards. Designers have until 27th September to submit their entries which must be completed using LuciteLux® between 2011 and 2013 to be eligible. Visit the LuciteLux® JUST IMAGINE Awards page here to enter and for inspiration and updates ‘like’ LuciteLux® on Facebook or Pinterest.