Inspired by the beautiful garden of a hotel entrance and being quite literally in ‘the City in a Garden’, which is how Singapore is known around the world, a handful of like-minded individuals at Lucite International Singapore (LISPL) decided to form a gardening group to improve their working environment. After all, as they said, it is where they spend a big part of their lives!

Leo Kum Yuen, LISPL Production Manager, sent us this wonderful story of what exciting progress the group has made since it began meeting back in July 2015 and how their work has now been recognized with a national award.


Leo began: “Our group started humbly with some small potted plants, which we placed on rooftop of the administration building here at LISPL. Over the next few months we had varying degrees of success and failure (the latter being most often the case). Most importantly, we learnt a lot, which helped us to do better each time we tried something new.”


Determined to improve, the gardening group approached the National Parks Board (NParks) for help and eventually joined the Community-In-Bloom program, which aims to foster a community spirit and bring people together to make Singapore (and LISPL) feel part of one united garden. With the support of a starter kit and garden development advice from NParks, the gardening team developed a plan to cultivate LISPL’s very own garden.


Groundwork began in early 2016 and after just one month the group had completed the garden, which they set with carefully selected flowers and plants. Leo continued: “The garden has provided us with more than just the joy of gardening. It has become a place to go to for a short break from work and it’s a common topic of conversation when talking to colleagues, a subject of curiosity for our contractors and partners, and a place to admire and feel proud of just before we leave for home each day. Most of all, it has been a means by which like-minded people could support one another and focus their effort and determination into building something worthwhile for ourselves and for our colleagues to enjoy.”


In mid-2016, NParks recognized the LISPL gardening enterprise with a bronze award in the category ‘Community garden in organizations’. Leo said: “We were all so pleased and proud to hear this news; such great encouragement for us to continue this adventure! And we already have a plan! While we’ve begun to grow an organic canopy through the foliage of a creeping grape plant for our outdoor garden, the group is now spreading its efforts to other smaller green plots in the carpark area. However, the ‘greening effort’ is not confined to the outdoors, NParks has just provided us with another boost for indoor gardening – now four terrariums and an aquascape have taken up residence in various parts of our administration building. The adventure just got even more exciting!”