Akripol, D.O.O. was formed in 1989 to produce and process acrylic polymers for markets in Europe. However, its heritage goes back to 1974 when Novoles Straža first began production of cast acrylic sheet in Slovenia. Since the early days Akripol has bought MMA from Lucite international (LI) and has grown year on year developing a comprehensive product portfolio and a reputation for innovation and consistently high quality products that add value.

Akripol use MMA to produce cast acrylic sheets, which are branded Aglas. One of the main applications for Aglas is sound barriers. Mr Joze Rajer, Akripol’s Purchasing Manager explains why acrylic is ideal for use in sound barriers,

“While tempered glass is still used for sound barriers, it has now largely been replaced by cast acrylic sheets, which outperforms it in many ways. Acrylic has exceptional light transmission and is lighter weight making transportation, handling, fitting and maintenance easier. It is highly transparent, which means that drivers feel seamlessly connected to the environment. It is highly resistant to weathering, which means it retains its good looks for longer. And, there are just so many aesthetics that can be achieved easily by custom designing and processing the acrylic sheets to suit any particular installation.”

In early 2013, Akripol supplied sound barriers for the prestigious Vejle Fjord Broen project in Denmark. They successfully won and delivered this project due to their ability to meet all of the stringent technical requirements- particularly thicknesses and dimensional tolerances- for reinforced and non-reinforced cast acrylic sheets.

With higher volumes of traffic creating increasingly more noise, Akripol feels that sound barriers will become an increasing feature in our landscape. Joze explains:

“Noise is having an extremely detrimental effect on the population and the authorities have found that prevention is better and more cost effective than having to treat people for the health issues that are occurring after long exposure to noise. The opportunity has also led us to develop a wide variety of protective options, such as sound barriers that protect birds or offer anti-graffiti surface protection.”

Akripol has had a long and successful working partnership with LI. Joze explains:

“I have been working with Zarko Fogec, LI’s Sales Director for Central and Eastern Europe and his colleague, Natasa Sabanovic, for many years and they are good people. Besides our good personal relationship, there’s mutual understanding and respect of one another’s business priorities and we have always found LI to be a consistent, reliable supplier; always keen to support our ambitions to grow.”

Innovation is one of the most important values at Akripol and key to the company’s growth and sustainable development. Jose explains. “We have R&D programmes with many companies and institutions here in Slovenia and abroad. We are also proud to be a co-founder of the Center of Excellence PoliMaT, where top scientists are working on the development of new polymers and production technologies.”

Innovation is a value that Akripol and LI both share. Do get in touch if there is an application for acrylic, which LI can help you to develop.