Earlier this year, Lucite International (LI) appointed Alan Gallagher to the role of Sales and Marketing Director for the EMEA Monomers team. Alan has spent several years as LI’s Sales Director for Africa, Middle East and Turkey, and has made the transition following the retirement of Peter Snodgrass, who previously held the role since 2001.

We spoke to Alan about his new position and his thoughts on what lies ahead.

What appealed to you the most about your new role?

There were several attractions – but if I needed to specify one, it would be the opportunity to lead and develop a new and exciting Sales & Marketing team. Our team is now complete, and a new structure introduced. I am really looking forward to developing the team and to maximising the potential of the ‘Selling Team’ model introduced by Peter Snodgrass.

Tell us about transitioning into this role.

The most immediate and urgent transition is for me to physically return from Bahrain to the UK – allowing me to be closer to customers and the team at our Cassel site. As for experience, I have had 10 years representing the Monomers business unit in the Middle East and a total of 30 years within our business and industry, which has allowed me to commercially represent every business unit we have – including a very enriching 3-year secondment with Perspex Distribution Limited. Moving back into Europe also allows me to pick up some long-standing relationships I had in previous roles.

What are your goals for the business in the coming years?

Ultimately, the goal is to contribute to the return of acceptable and consistent financial performances for the business in a marketplace that has some new and very challenging dynamics. We also must evolve as a business and as a Sales team to recognise and react to changes in society and the environment.

Is there one area on which you’d most like to leave an imprint?

If the EMEA business performs well then that is my ultimate ambition and a legacy I would be happy to look back on. From a more personal perspective, I would like to be viewed as one of a number of people who delivered early integration opportunities with our parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC). Our Bahrain office is well positioned to support the Mitsubishi Chemical Europe business units with their own expansion plans as well as offer facilities to support MCC with both PMMA and MMA regional functions.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing the EMEA Monomers business?

I find it hard to name a single challenge – there are going to be many. We must return acceptable financial performances whilst evolving our business model and our business processes (e.g. greater use of digital technology to improve the customer experience). Successful delivery of some of the current projects and initiatives we have will help us achieve these challenges.

And what do you see as its greatest strength?

Our people. We have very talented, professional and committed people in our organisation who all set themselves very high standards. I learn something new every single day from the people that work in all areas of the business, and appreciate all that they do that enables the sales team to be effective.