Lucite International China (LICC) recently took part in APPPEXPO 2017, the international advertising, sign technology and equipment exhibition held in Shanghai. While being a regular exhibitor, this was the first time that the LICC team organized for cast sheet producers and acrylic fabricators to come together to show off the product’s qualities and their own capabilities. We spoke to Ellen Wang, Executive Assistant, who helped coordinate LICC’s presence at the show.


Ellen began: “Exhibiting together proved to be a great opportunity for visitors to see MMA all the way through the supply chain from raw material to end product. The theme of our booth, ‘Acrylic For Better Life’, helped us illustrate how acrylic is everywhere in our lives, which is very fitting as these days we are all trying to improve our own quality of life. Our cast producers and acrylic fabricators were able to talk face-to-face about technical issues and to better understand one another’s needs. And it was very special for us to have so many visitors to our customer Ray Chung’s booth, where they were able to see the beautiful piece of illuminated art made out of colorful triangles of acrylic sheet. It really did show off the fabulous lighting effects that can be achieved using acrylic.”

The event was also a perfect opportunity to help others learn. The team organized various seminars covering some of the technical aspects of working with acrylic. For example, Doctor Yuan Hui Ya, Zhongshan University Doctor and President of Guangzhou Shenwei New Material & Technology Co, Ltd talked about how glue works in acrylic processing. Mrs Mo, from Tongji University, led another of the technical seminars.

We asked Ellen to explain what was new about LICC’s approach this time. She said: “We used to display sheet in our booth – different colors, different types etc. – and fabricators would come along to discuss issues with the sheet producers. This time, however, we asked fabricators to show their products, which are instantly more interesting and show first-hand the advantages of acrylic. Fabricators, such as Fancy, focused on using acrylic for the necessities of daily life; Enzo produced something for interior decoration; FSE made the decorative bird’s nest, and Jiahong, a display shelf.”

The LICC team was very positive about the number and quality of visitors. Ellen concluded: “We talked to a lot of fabricators and large scale domestic cast sheet producers. One of the most exciting was Astari, the largest cast acrylic sheet exporter in Indonesia. I think we really captured the imagination of our target audiences – both direct and indirect customer – in terms of the huge flexibility for acrylic to be used in multiple applications. We gave them some new angles and concepts to think about and we certainly seem to be influencing the marketplace far and wide as we continue to collaborate in promoting MMA. I think the whole team was delighted with the new approach and feels confident that there will be some exciting opportunities to pursue post show.”


Thank you to: Our sheet producing partners: Donchamp, Ray Chung, Zhanyu, TAIC, Suzhou Acrylic, Respect, Lei Mei, JSM and Newe; and to our fabricators: Fancy and FSE for participating with LICC in the booth.