Art of Illumination

A brand new facility for the performing arts has opened in the Swedish city of Jönköping. Centre stage at the entrance to this striking architectural building is a spectacular light installation featuring Perspex® Clear cast acrylic.

The landmark centre, called Spira culture house, will host more than 800 performances across four stages each year covering a repertoire of theatre, dance, music and comedy. Perspex® has been used to complement the design scheme and create light art in this iconic building.

The dramatic light structure, known as the Spiralamp, comprises five pieces of intricate light art conceived by renowned Swedish artist and designer Ingegerd Råman. Perspex® fabricator, Fagerhult, was instrumental in ensuring that Råman’s design was transformed into practical and functional design reality and worked closely with the designer on this challenging project. The project required more than 40 sheets of 15mm thick Perspex® Clear to create the final light installation.