The lamps outside Miami-Dade County Courthouse in Miami, Florida, USA are now shining with extra brilliance thanks to LuciteLux®. The newly refurbished lamps, featuring LuciteLux® Frost in Aurora Violet, were installed as part of an ongoing programme of work to restore the beautiful 1920s building to its former glory.

Jane Nash, LuciteLux® Sales Development Manager said: “Restoration Arts and Lighting (RAL), based in Miami were tasked with refurbishing a line of historical lamps situated outside the Miami-Dade courthouse and were looking for an alternative to glass.
 The lamps had purple tinted glass in their original form, but they had faded and broken and were looking very tired.” Jane’s customer, Michael Minor, president of RAL said: “We wanted to replace the glass with something just as beautiful, but more durable and we found the perfect solution in LuciteLux® Aurora Violet.”

RAL worked with Faulkner Plastics to custom fabricate a perfect fit. President of Faulkner Plastics, Joe McCabe said: “RAL brought us one of the original lamps and, after meticulous study
 of the glass panes and their precise dimensions, we heated and formed the LuciteLux® acrylic sheet to create an exact match. Now, when you walk by the courthouse at dusk, I’m proud to say that the lamps shine with the same brilliance they did nearly 100 years ago.”

The 360-foot icon of South Florida Art Deco architecture opened in 1928 as the tallest building in the state of Florida. Still in use today, it is listed
 on the National Register of Historic Places and is being preserved for future generations.