It is now more than 35 years ago that Lucite Internationals (LI) customer BainUltra developed the first therapeutic air jet bath. The adventure began with a simple idea- to transform the bathing experience from one of necessity to one focused on relaxation, health and wellness.  Today these founding principles are embodied in BainUltra’s inspiring vision, which is: To share and enjoy a fulfilling experience and promote a new way of life (arte de vivre) based on relaxation, health and wellness.

BainUltra president Henry Brunelle explained,

“Our passion for finding innovative solutions to deliver that sense of wellbeing has led us to develop many revolutionary and unique concepts that help transform bathrooms into private sanctuaries. But it’s not just about designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products for the bathroom. Our core mission is to promote the benefits of what a relaxation, health and wellness experience is all about; truly life changing for many people.

Our original and enduring focus is the production of the very finest air jet baths. However, in 1992 we introduced the first therapeutic acrylic shower unit to the market and won first place for its design and construction at the Montreal Kitchen and Bath show. Today, our Temazkal® shower embodies three therapies in one unit: thermo, light and aroma. We also offer Vedana®, a specially designed therapeutic care unit that blends five therapies for a complete relaxation and revitalization experience.

BainUltra had a mission of manufacturing only the highest quality baths, which meant sourcing high quality materials. Since Lucite® had an established reputation for being a high quality acrylic, there was no hesitation to trial, an ultimately use it. LI’s attention to quality is what made that relationship possible and still does today.

As bathware designs have changed over the past 20 years, LI’s ability to produce different thermoforming grades of saniware acrylic sheet has enabled us to utilise these different sheet products to produce different styles of bathware that are on the leading edge of design.

With LI being a global company we have also looked to them for valuable knowledge about current and future trends in both saniware and housing markets, which have been useful over the years.”

We look forward to seeing what new innovative and therapeutic designs BainUltra produce with Lucite® in the near future. Find out more about their products is by visiting the website BainUltra.

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