Fiscal Year 2016 for our Beaumont, US site could be described as a renaissance year. Renaissance means ‘rebirth’ in French, and that is the epitome of the culture change efforts being undertaken at the plant. The Beaumont team understands a strong culture of safety has a broad reach, affecting operations, the environment, processes and organizational systems – all of which have contributed to the many successes experienced during FY2016. Site Director, Chris Healy, spoke to us about the year of progress.

Earlier this year, the Beaumont site achieved the milestone of over 1 million man-hours without an injury or recordable incident. Chris explained: “Since I arrived here, I have focused on instilling a strong safety culture. All employees and site contractors are made aware of its importance from the first day they join the team. The organization also has a near-miss reporting program and all near-misses are investigated in an effort to prevent injuries and continuously improve safety performance.


“In FY2016, the team implemented the 5-S Program to improve housekeeping and organization with all associates actively participating. We also implemented SafeTrack along with the corresponding Safety Observation program that provides us all with direct, measurable information regarding our safe work practices. In addition, Beaumont has embarked on attaining the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) certification, which represents a partnership between industry and governmental agencies to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses through hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis, training and targeted cooperation between management and site employees. This very important initiative involves a truly combined group effort that is targeted to complete by the end of the 2017.”


In 2016, we also focused on improving environmental performance – another group-wide effort. Site Director Chris Healy noted: “We concentrated on reducing waste in our processes and were able to cut waste by 60% from the previous year. Additionally, we cleaned up the site and improved the landscape by completing demolition and removal of obsolete process equipment. These materials were recycled for reuse, thereby avoiding unnecessary landfill and waste costs. To further stabilize our river-way area, a shoreline project including rockwork at our dock and new outfalls was installed to preserve our resources and support our Kaiteki efforts to protect the environment.”

Pictured: L) Beaumont-based mechanic, Michael Murray and R) Operations Manager, Dave Johnson with Site Director, Chris Healy.


Improved Production and Reliability

Following the January overhaul, which we reported on in April, Beaumont has been able to manufacture at the highest rates in over ten years, and not just on MMA. Production Manager, Tim Volker confirmed that improved reliability and improved production rates have enabled MAA output to increase by over 10% on an instantaneous basis.

Chris continued: “Looking ahead, my goals are to further drive SHE performance while increasing our focus on Process Safety Management (PSM), Maintenance and Reliability (M&R) and cost improvements. We are implementing improvements to the Management of Change (MOC) process as well as developing the competencies of our operator, maintenance, engineering and leadership teams. Expanding the training and development of our workforce through partnerships with local educational institutions and increasing the team’s competencies is another key focus in FY2017. Getting more of the population through our Team Trek Leadership Development Program continues to be a priority because it is ultimately individual behavior that contributes to our culture and the stronger the values, the stronger the culture.


“On behalf of the Beaumont team, I would like to thank everyone both in- and outside the region for their unwavering support as we aim for a record-breaking year in support of LI and Mitsubishi Chemical.”