Blanco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium quality composite, stainless steel and ceramic sinks. It is the largest sink producer in Germany and has been sourcing MMA from Lucite International (LI) for its SILGRANIT® range of sinks for around 20 years. Blanco is recognised for its strong corporate values and award-winning approach to design, innovation and high quality production.

Their range of SILGRANIT® PuraDur® II sinks are made using an extremely high-performing, stone-like material with unique qualities, which have been developed, patented and launched as a great alternative for contemporary interiors. Sinks made from this material are durable, hygienic, easy to keep clean, resistant to staining, scratching, heat, and limescale while feeling silky smooth to touch and having the appearance of natural stone. Additionally, they have a great range of colours to complement any kitchen design scheme. Using MMA in their formula helps them to achieve the high-performance and design qualities that consumers are looking for.

Design is a core part of Blanco’s innovation process. They firmly believe that they must continue to develop and introduce new, market-relevant innovations in order to delight their customers and, in turn, to continue to build their reputation. Extensive analysis of the latest trends, studies of international home and living habits, and a constant dialogue with customers form the foundation for their successful design concepts. Additionally, their international awards testify to their excellence in design. In 2012 and 2013 some of their awards included: Interior Innovation Awards, IF Product Design Awards, reddot Design Awards – even a ‘best of the best’ Award amongst many more.

Blanco’s products are manufactured in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg and are sold globally in around 100 countries; including China, Russia, across Europe and more widely in Asia.

Blanco comments on why they have chosen to work with LI.

“Trust and mutual respect are important values for us and these are at the foundation of our relationship with LI. We have built a strong partnership based on trust and understanding with LI. We expect openness and honesty and we are always focused on the long-term view, which is where we believe great partnering delivers real benefits for us all. LI mirrors our values and are equally dedicated to quality in all that they do so we have a good fit with one another.”

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