Are you an architect? Looking to boost your professional training? Wondering on what unit to complete next? Then LuciteLux® has something in store for you! Discover about the potential of acrylics in the built environment by completing our Continuing Education Unit (CEU) – entitled: ‘Acrylic Specification for Architectural Applications,’ accredited by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and now live on Architectural Record’s website under the Continuing Education area here

As always, completing a CEU online means you can learn at your own pace at a time that suits you. Alternatively, our team in the USA is planning a series of face-to-face presentations through 2015, which you can find out about by connecting with us here. After completing the 40-minute module, you understand so much more about acrylic. In specific the LuciteLux® sponsored CEU aims to:

· Explain acrylic types and the terminology used in relation to them
· Define the properties of acrylic sheet that make them suitable for architectural applications
· Illustrate how the qualities of acrylic contribute to sustainability
· Explain acrylic fabrication techniques
· List case studies that demonstrate the architectural and other uses of acrylics 

All architects in the USA have to complete 18 x 1hr CEUs each year in order to retain their professional AIA status and qualifications. Architectural Record is a registered provider with The AIA Continuing Education System. Credit earned after completing LuciteLux®’s unit will be reported to CES records for AIA members and certificates for non-AIA members will be available upon request.