Lucite International is closely monitoring the developments of the Brexit debate and any potential impact upon its business units. Lucite International’s intention is that it will continue to be a reliable and competitive supplier of its methacrylate-based range of products irrespective of the outcome of these discussions, and it is taking steps towards achieving this.

Lucite International is an active member of both the UK’s Chemical Industry Association (CIA) and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and fully supports the independent and joint statements that have been made by these organisations.

The CIA has previously summarised the chemical industries priorities with regard to Brexit in the document “The Chemical Industry – Brexit priorities for UK growth”.  This can be accessed in the following link and Lucite International fully supports this summary of the key requirements for its businesses operating in the UK:

Following the announcement of the “draft withdrawal agreement”, the CIA and CEFIC published a joint press release “UK and EU Chemical Industry stresses the importance of an agreed Brexit”.  This highlights the need for regulatory certainty on the arrangements between the EU and UK, in order to minimise any disruption caused by Brexit to the chemical sector.   The joint press release, again fully supported by Lucite International, can be accessed in the following link:

Hopefully, the political situation will become clearer over the coming few weeks but, in any event, Lucite International will continue to communicate appropriately with all stakeholders regarding its preparation and contingency planning. Your normal contact person within Lucite International will be able to provide further information should this be required.