Leaders from the very beginning

As we celebrate 40 years since the Kaohsiung Monomer Company (KMC) was established, we take a brief look at the history of our Taiwanese based plant, and how they have been leaders from the very beginning.

The Taiwanese acrylic industry began in the 1960s when Chi Mei Corporation introduced cast sheet into the country from Japan. Production of Poly Methyl Methacrylate (pMMA) and extruded sheet then began at KMC in 1978.

Growing stronger as part of ICI

KMC was acquired by global chemical giant, ICI, and grew even stronger as part of a larger organization. However, it remained true to its rich heritage, dedicating its production to supporting acrylic use in Taiwan specifically, whilst benefitting from technical investment, safety learning and operational excellence from a global corporation.

Acrylic Design Contest

Encouraging creativity and innovation through acrylic led KMC to become one of the first businesses to host an acrylic design competition. It continues today and is open to students at the country’s top universities; influencing and inspiring the next generation of designers to work with acrylic.

Designers Shih-Ching Lin, Chih-Hang Wu at KMC’s 16th Acrylic Design Contest

Continuing to innovate with new materials

Always looking for opportunities to stand out and maintain leadership, KMC established its Color Centre, focusing on the development of new, on trend acrylic sheet offerings. An Acrylic Sheet Color Selector system is also available online to allow architects, product designers and interior designers to choose bespoke colors for their work. KMC continues to build on the technical and aesthetic qualities of acrylic as it looks at the potential for new applications for this versatile material that touches many aspects of our lives.

Celebrating every anniversary

Each year, KMC’s employees and their families celebrate the company anniversary in a variety of ways, with a focus on expressing thanks to staff for their efforts and to their families for their support during the past year. As part of each occasion, KMC aims to strengthen employees’ identity with the company while giving them a deeper sense of belonging to one big family.

This year’s celebration was a two-day trip to the Chianan Area (a central-southern region in western Taiwan) for 221 participants, aged one to 83 years! Such age diversity meant that the team had to carefully choose the places to visit and the activities to include. The rich cultural heritage of Chianan made things quite easy for the organizers. First, the group experienced the beauty of historic Chinese artefacts at the southern branch of the National Palace Museum, explored the largest train station in Taiwan made entirely out of wood, and enjoyed the Alishan Forest Recreation Area with its breath taking views of cherry blossom and surrounding mountains.

KMC anniversary celebration and family day at A-Li Mountain train station

In previous years, KMC has held boot camps, which aim to explain and embed the company’s core values and culture as well as enabling employees to get to know their colleagues better. Typically an instructor leads the highly interactive activities and each member of the group learns to trust, share, and cooperate with their colleagues. There’s a great sense of achievement – everyone feels very positive and uplifted by these events. After seeing such benefits to both employees and the company, KMC is 100% committed to continue organizing similar events in the future.

Looking to the future, KMC will continue to build on its reputation for consistency, quality and continuing innovation with new materials to retain its position as a leader from the very beginning.