“Having a passion for safety, health and the environment (SHE)” is Lucite International’s number one priority and underpins the KAITEKI values we hold as a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical. It’s a core value for all who work for the Company and sees us strive to continuously improve the SHE performance across our entire business.

Pictured: Violet Shen, SHE Manager, opens the meeting.

Our team in China (LICC) recently held a ‘Passion for SHE’ event in Caojing to review the SHE performance of the last year, promote awareness of best practices and reward members of the team for their outstanding contributions.

The awards and their recipients:

– SHE Star of the Year – Wen Junfeng

– Best Continuous Improvement of the Year – Zhu Hengxu, Xiao Feng and Yang Yifeng

– Excellent Continuous Improvement – Gu Chenhua and Xiang Bin

– Shift of the Year – all operators of Shift C

– Engineering Maintenance Award – Liu Bin

– Contractor of the Year – The Lan Lin company

– Contractor Employee of the Year – Chen Bolin

Angela Zhang, HR Manager, commented:

“The ‘Passion for SHE’ event is an annual activity for LICC’s Caojing plant which started in 2006 to promote a culture of safety. The idea initially came from the Lucite International SHE charter, where we developed six aspects – leadership, meaningful measurement, personal accountability, compliance, competency and action close-out.

“We have different topics and methods of promoting SHE awareness every year, so that everyone can acquire this knowledge and make their best contributions towards our SHE performance. This is how we build the ‘Passion for SHE’ atmosphere at the Caojing plant.”