For over 40 years, Lucite International (LI) customer Clax® Italia has been pushing the boundaries of acrylic use in its work. This has resulted in the development of new casting processes involving specific integrated moulds, the use of large, thick monolithic blocks and special products for food, military, medical and scientific use, as well as adhesive resin for underwater fabrication. We interviewed Clax® Italia’s president, Roberto Munzi, to find out what differentiates the company in the marketplace and how LI is helping it to stay ahead when it comes to creativity and innovation in the field of acrylic products.

How would you describe your company?

RM: For many decades the creativity and technological know-how of the team at Clax® Italia, has been pushing the boundaries in the design and manufacture of thick sheets of cast acrylic. We’ve built our reputation on developing innovative new products and setting exceptional standards within the plastics industry. We’ve positioned the company as the leader in the cast acrylic technology sector and our Perclax® and AQuariA® trademarks are known worldwide.

Tell us a little more about AQuariA® and Perclax®?

RM: Utilizing the very latest technologies, we can produce extremely thick, oversized blocks of acrylic with optical perfection that really do optimize the performance characteristics of the material. AQuariA® acrylic is exceeding all expectations in aquaria and oceanaria design and construction, and today, Clax® Italia can boast that it has the technical expertise and manufacturing capability to produce the world’s largest acrylic panels. At the same time, our Perclax® cast PMMA standard blocks meet the quality standards demanded by technically advanced military and scientific applications with stringent international certification requirements.

What is your philosophy for the business?

RM: I founded the company in the early 1970s and my vision has always been to drive the business forward with enthusiasm and creativity. Today, as president, I follow the same philosophy: to keep on inspiring and motivating all of our people with the same enthusiasm and creativity. I think it’s vital to be an active partner for our customers, effectively supporting them as a research and development department for their businesses.

What part do methacrylates play in your portfolio?

RM: Our products are 100% methacrylate-based, so LI is one of our most important raw material suppliers.

What do you value most about working with LI?

RM: From the beginning, our business relationship with LI has been based on trust and the utmost cooperation. We really appreciate the highly professional way in which you manage your service to your customers.

Describe Clax® Italia’s approach to innovation.

RM: Our aim has always been to continuously improve our products and production methods. We tackle each challenge with the determination and confidence that we can achieve the unachievable. Today, Clax® Italia is an expression of this attitude and it’s an attitude that is allowing us to produce unique and distinctive products.

How has your business changed over the past five years?

RM: Investments made in the last five years have enabled us to almost double the number of employees, significantly increase our production capacity and expand our facilities and offices.

What is the biggest driver for your business currently?

RM: Our mission has always been to work closely with our customers and today we’re finding that this is particularly important in the field of aquaria and underwater installations – an important sector for the business. We support our customers from project design and supply of the acrylic material through to the project’s final on-site installation, offering our know-how and expertise at every stage to obtain the best quality product at a competitive price.