Lucite International’s (LI) Cassel site in the UK has recently received a fresh boost of energy from three apprentices embarking on their first steps towards a career in the chemicals industry.

LI is committed to providing apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of disciplines within the company. Quinn Hoban, Scarlett O’Hara and Nathan Burdon have recently joined LI’s Cassel site to complete SMT (Science Manufacturing Technician) Level 3 apprenticeships, having successfully completed a Level 3 Diploma in Process Technology through the TTE Technical Training Group.

Pictured: Quinn, Scarlett and Nathan with managers and parents.

We spoke to Quinn, Scarlett and Nathan about their backgrounds, inspiration from friends and family, and life as LI apprentices so far.

Quinn said:
“My father works in process technologies, which inspired me to follow suit. The apprenticeship route appealed to me because of its hands-on nature. I think it’s the best way to learn a trade and make progress in an industry. Working at LI, everyone has been ‘spot on’. I’m hoping to enjoy a long career in the chemicals industry.”

Scarlett said:
“I studied at TTE for two years which gave me a good understanding of the theory side of process technologies. It’s really good to become more hands-on with this apprenticeship, seeing things first-hand in front of you and putting theory into practice.

“The people at LI are really warm and open to new starters, everyone is happy to explain things as many times as we need. In the long run, I aspire to make good career progress in the chemicals industry, inspired by my father who has enjoyed the same!”

Nathan said:
“I was inspired through friends to apply myself to this route at TTE. I’ve never really considered any other route – I think apprenticeships are the best way to integrate into a company. I got a good impression of LI at my interview and working here now, I can’t fault the people. Everyone is willing to help out with our development and even those not working directly with us ‘chip in’ and lend a hand. As for career aspirations, I’d like a secure job in the chemicals industry, with the goal of becoming a DCS (Distribution Control System) operator.

Shift Manager, Neil Middleton, who oversees Scarlett and Quinn, has been impressed by their progress, saying:
“Scarlett and Quinn have joined my shift and are both doing well settling into a new company and a new shift team, learning exactly what a process technician does.

“Working on shifts can sometimes be a massive life change, adjusting your body clock to allow work during the night and sleep during the day. They are slowly getting used to it and have made a great start to life with LI.”

We wish Quinn, Scarlett and Nathan the very best with their apprenticeships.