Perfectly cut, formed, etched and fabricated, Perspex Distribution Limited’s (PDL) approved fabricators offer an unbeatable fabrication service, offering high-quality craftsmanship, experience and dependability.

PDL regularly receives enquiries from architects, designers, brand owners and the public about its extensive range of products and how they can be transformed as part of a design project, and while PDL is expert at supplying the Perspex® acrylic – and many other products besides – it does not provide fabrication services. Instead, PDL recommends a specialist fabricator according to the job in hand. So, if a client is looking to make an object, fit out a whole store, create an interesting illuminated installation or simply wants to polish, drill or shape a piece of Perspex® acrylic, then PDL will connect them to one of its approved fabricators.


We spoke to Victoria Buckley, head of Marketing at Abplas, a PDL approved fabricator in London (UK), to find out more about why they enjoy working with Perspex® acrylic.

What makes working with Perspex® acrylic so easy?

Victoria said: “We love the vast range of colours that are available off-the-shelf in thicknesses other manufacturers fail to offer. We really appreciate that Perspex® acrylic is delivered with high quality protective masking that does not delaminate over time, even on satin finishes. The masking is compatible with most fabrication techniques, meaning it can be left in place for longer, offering greater protection and reduced post production clean-up time.”

Do you have an example of a project featuring intricate craftsmanship?

Victoria continued: “Last year we fabricated 240 six-sided 5mm white Perspex® acrylic cube invites in just 3 days! Having Perspex® acrylic available from stock and the consistency of the product was paramount to the project’s success. Each cube had to be made to exact measurements as they were required to slide into a map of the United Kingdom, which was also made of Perspex® acrylic. The concept being that every guest would bring their cube invitation to the event and slot it into the map.”

Why choose Perspex® acrylic?

Victoria said: “It is so versatile. One minute we use it to produce a range of signs for exhibitions or business premises, and the next we will use it to fabricate food storage containers for Selfridges. Alongside our wealth of knowledge, Perspex® acrylic enables us to provide solutions for our customers. We’ve used our experience of working with the product to produce a distressed effect to a Perspex® acrylic mirror for Marios Schwab for London Fashion Week, which looked just like a real antique mirror but with the added benefit of being super-lightweight.”


Zone Creations Jubilee Clock

Zone Creations, approved fabricator based in London (UK) has demonstrated high quality craftsmanship when working with British clock-makers Comitti London to produce a grandfather clock to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


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