At Lucite International (LI) we recognize that our employees are the unique energy and driving force behind our distinctive business. We believe in a culture of continuous learning and actively encourage everyone to reach their own full potential. Our people achieve this in a variety of ways, from individually tailored learning and development programs, to more general opportunities that help them create effective teams.

The LICC Team

Putting this important company value into practice, employees at LI China (LICC) recently held an annual team building event to increase employee motivation, encourage communication, and improve team performance in order to enhance personal growth while helping to create a closer and more connected business.

Members of the LICC team went to the coastal city of Zhoushan for the event, which combined team building activities with a business update. It was the perfect location on the beach with sand, sunshine and sea air for creative, fun and some memorable team moments.

Activities were light hearted and included sports in fancy dress, games that required team-work to win, and testing creativity with a ‘paint like Picasso’ competition. The LICC people enhanced their communication skills by helping one other with each activity and had a lot of fun in the process. For LI, opportunities like this are essential to build a workforce that is more enthusiastic, motivated and able to work together to create a successful business.