As lovers of our own LuciteLux® acrylic brand (known as Perspex® in EMEA), we care about design and believe in creating exciting products that transform brilliant ideas into reality without compromising on creative vision. From the interiors of Marriott Hotels and the countertop displays of leading cosmetic brands to a dome at Burning Man and jewelry fit for First Lady Michelle Obama, LuciteLux® brings style and eternal vibrancy to a wide range of projects. In fact, our acrylic is a go-to choice for many renowned designers and fabricators.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it fitting to highlight the love designers have for LuciteLux®. What draws them to use Lucitelux® acrylic? What factors do they consider when choosing a material for their projects? Let’s find out.

Alexis Bittar 
Famed jewelry designer Alexis Bittar has used LuciteLux® acrylic for over 25 years, making his name synonymous with our material. In a Q&A with our team, he said: “I started recognizing LuciteLux® in a lot of 1930s deco furniture and what drew me was its sculptural malleability and translucence that could be adapted to reflect light in many ways.”

Thérèse Lahaie
Having worked with light and glass for the past three decades, artist Thérèse Lahaie first experimented with LuciteLux® during the fabrication of her project, Crossing Signal Mosaic. “I selected LuciteLux® Spectrum because of its large sheet size, reflective characteristics and fantastic transmission of backlit RGB LEDs. These features were critical for the sculpture I had envisioned,” said Lahaie.

Yona Appletree, Light at Play 
Light at Play, a technology collective, won the 2013 JUST IMAGINE Awards for its Radiance Dome, which incorporates LED lights activated by music and illuminates more than 200 two-feet LuciteLux® Light Guide Panel (LGP) triangles. Yona Appletree, lead designer of the Radiance Dome, said the exceptional brightness, illumination and optimized color performance of LuciteLux® acrylic, when used with LEDs, was exactly what he was after. “Propelled and inspired by winning the JUST IMAGINE Awards, Light at Play continues finding new potential in the combination of LuciteLux® with intelligent lighting systems,” said Appletree.

Elliott Rabin, ePlastics® 
ePlastics®, a Ridout Plastics company, is San Diego’s leader for quality plastic materials and fabrication services. Elliott Rabin, president and owner of ePlastics® worked with Jeff Kull Construction on the custom home project “Louvers by Design”, which features eye catching louvers made with LuciteLux® Frost in Glacier Green cast acrylic. “We selected LuciteLux® Frost because of its opacity level and color, which blended with the ocean beautifully,” said Rabin.

Heather Mayer, Envel Design 
“With LuciteLux®, we are always confident of delivering consistent results and responding to customer specifications in different finishes and textures”, said Heather Mayer, director of marketing, Envel Design. As a regular customer of LuciteLux® products, the company incorporates the acrylic to offer customers a dimensionally stable and optically perfect canvas.