There seems to be no limit to the design flexibility of acrylic. When Lucite® Liquid Acrylic Resin (LAR) is connected with advanced production technology, it can become something truly amazing and unique. When you combine the pioneering spirit of a visionary businessman with a talented designer, Lucite® LAR is transported into the realms of art where the only limitation is one’s imagination.

One of Lucite International’s (LI) longest-standing customers is Saturn Bath, Korea’s top bathroom company, which has earned its position as a world-class brand and has been using Lucite® LAR since 2006. President of Saturn Bath, In-Hwan Joung, has been described as ‘a man who dreams and a businessman who always does his best to make dreams come true’.

Saturn Bath has been working with global designers to establish a luxury brand. Its successes have been recognized by the world-renowned Red Dot and If Design awards. The company’s creative initiative has once again shone through in 2017 as the company expanded into a new dimension – art.

Famous designer, Karim Rashid has collaborated with Saturn Bath to apply his idea of Pleasurescape, made using Lucite® LAR, which has recently been exhibited in Korea. Visitors to Pleasurescape can experience the work by taking off their shoes and sitting or lying down in this immersive piece of art. His work reached design professors, students, and executives from South Korea’s leading construction companies all of whom were very impressed by President In-Hwan Joung for his imaginative break through into the realm of art. Soon after this exhibition, Pleasurescape wowed the architectural world at the UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress. As a result of the collaboration between Saturn Bath and Karim Rashid, LI’s Lucite®LAR has been hailed a winning material for artworks, creating new prospects all round.

Pleasurescape will be exhibited in New York, the US’s top city for art, where Saturn Bath’s sales force will help open the door to new opportunities in the world of art and the built environment. We’re hoping that the value of Lucite®LAR will shine bright as a symbol of cooperation between LI, Saturn Bath and Karim Rashid and continue to inspire designers and their work.