Condor Balnéo SARL, based in Abbeville, north France is a boutique producer of high-end whirlpool baths that are aimed at architects, designers, wellness centres and sophisticated consumers looking for the ultimate bathing experience. Innovative by nature, and always challenging convention, Condor is one of the first Lucite International (LI) customers to introduce baths made with the newly launched Lucite® Stone.

MD of Condor Balnéo, Abdallah Sabbagh commented on how the market has reacted to the new baths. He said: “We have had some great initial feedback. People are commenting on the soft touch of Lucite® Stone and seem to really like the colours and new designs that are made possible by the material. In a bathroom market where white and minimalist design dominate, people tend to focus on the shape of the bath without giving colour a second thought. Our aim is to introduce different designs and concepts for bathrooms. We treat the bath as a crucial element within any interiors scheme, so we work on developing its shape, the technology and the materials we use to create pieces that are beautiful and unique.

“If you look at our new Soko bath, we’ve added a touch of white into the bath accessories (jets and pillow) to help the brown bath blend more easily with a typical white bathroom environment. We are also using various textures like laminated wood or leather to tie the colours in together. These ideas look stunning in our showroom and are absolutely consistent with our philosophy of leading new design direction in the bathroom. Now we have to help our customers imagine these products in their own homes!”

LI has been supplying Condor Balneo for over 10 years now, so we asked Abdallah why he thinks things works well. He said: “Well first we have common views and have built a strong business partnership. Then it’s about the product quality and its continuous evolution as well as the infinite number of possibilities that acrylic offers. Some tend to class it as a ‘déjà vu’ product, while we recognise that there is so much that you can do with it.”

Condor has had many innovation successes over the years. Recently it launched Pedineo, a whirlpool bath that relieves leg tension. In 2008 it introduced Auréalis – a bath that combines whirlpool and spa functionalities. And in 2002 Condor was the first company in France – and one of the first globally – to launch anti-bacterial baths, made with Lucite® Care. We asked Abdallah what’s next? He told us: “We have been working on some latest innovations with shape; ergonomic baths that focus on comfort with elevated leg rests and tilted jet. We have also developed a brand new patented process, which enables us to customise baths individually. This is incredibly exciting because it means we can create bespoke effects into baths and on panels without having to make a new mould. We can do almost any design or emboss logos, brands etc. using this technique. The potential for extending the idea is huge.”