As a company committed to our people, we take pleasure in welcoming new members into our teams as they begin their journey with us.

Ross Martinscroft joined our Newton Aycliffe, UK site in February this year. We spoke about how his chemistry research background lends itself to the role of Research Postdoctorate and got to know him more…

What attracted you to working for us?

“After leaving university and being part of a research group that focused on the design of compounds used in TV and phone screen displays (a very different area of chemistry), I wanted to further develop my skills as a scientist. Lucite International has given me the opportunity to do this whilst researching a field of chemistry with an interesting and, in some cases, life-changing application.

“Before starting at the company, I felt that there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere here at the Newton Aycliffe site, something that was important to me.”

What does a typical day in your role involve?

“My typical day varies depending on the project I am working on. This can range from researching new methods to optimising conditions in the development of new products. Every day is different and can include testing established products to gain a better understanding or carrying out synthesis on a small scale for potential new products.”

What do you enjoy most about your work?

“The work that I am involved with can vary from day to day which means that I am always doing something new and interesting. One of my goals in life is to be a part of novel research and my work allows this.

“Another aspect that I really enjoy is the team work ethic, everyone works together to get the best possible outcome with all ideas being taken into consideration.”

How would you describe the environment/culture here?

“The environment and work culture here are fantastic, everyone is focused on producing their best work and doing the best to provide excellent service for clients. It is also refreshing that if help is needed with something, someone is more than happy to help. I also like that everyone takes pride in the work that they carry out.”

What is your passion outside of work?

“Outside of work I take an interest in sport, playing rugby regularly has been a real passion since I was 5 years old. When not playing rugby, I am keeping myself fit in the gym. I enjoy visiting new places and going on walks. I have a real interest in movies and music, I even had a radio show during my time at university.”

If you could switch places with one person for a day, who would it be?

“Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX and key figure of many other business ventures such as Tesla and PayPal. He has repeatedly come up with new inventions that consistently are on the cutting edge of technology whether it be self-driving electric cars or self-landing space rockets.

“I feel that being in his shoes for a day would be extremely interesting and, whilst my input on these inventions would be minimal, I feel like I would put my best foot forward and have a go.”

Describe working for Lucite International in three words…

“Challenging, innovative, rewarding.”