Perspex® acrylic domes made by Talbot Designs took center stage at this year’s London Design Week in the form of an aerial installation by acclaimed floral designer, Larry Walshe. They wowed visitors with a gravity-defying showpiece; a real life example of ‘Newton’s Cradle’. Luke Martyn of Perspex Distribution Limited shares the story of these exceptionally clever garden globes!

Larry Walshe merged the law of physics with horticulture and entomology after filling five 1.5m Perspex® acrylic spheres with mixed botanicals and sculpted curiosities. At the same time these ‘Newton’s Cradles’ demonstrate Newton’s Third Law, where the swing of a suspended metal ball shows that every action has an equal, opposite action.

This year’s show in March was themed ‘The Science of Design’ and took place at The Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour. The event attracted designers, architects and innovators keen to see inspirational design close up. Newton’s Cradle – in the form of the spherical garden globes – hung from the roof of the centre dome of the London venue with the multi-levelled location enabling visitors to enjoy these unique forms from all angles.

Celebrating over 70 years of ‘Shaping Industry’ Talbot Designs is an approved Perspex® fabricator and regarded as the leading manufacturer of Teedy® acrylic domes. With ovens over 3m wide, they can create some of the largest bespoke Perspex® acrylic domes possible as well as other fabrications. Teedy® domes have even been used as far afield as observation stations in the Arctic! Using Perspex® acrylic means the domes also benefit from clarity higher than glass.