Celebrating the achievements of the world’s youth and to encourage their participation in enhancing society, the United Nations’ (UN) International Youth Day theme for this year is “Youth Civic Engagement.” We’d like to recognise some of the contributions the “youth” at Lucite International (LI) is making and the ways we support them for mutual development. From apprenticeships and graduate schemes, to educating local schools on how to gain practical experience at a global manufacturing company, here are a few recent stories to share.


LISPL Singapore students

A brand new programme started in 2014 to give a taste of what life is like on a busy manufacturing plant. Ong Beng Lee, who works at LISPL as Technical Manager said: “The internship that we have introduced here allows students to experience first-hand what the working environment is like at a chemical plant. I treat students as I would any process engineer. They come to our morning operation meetings where we assign them tasks and real problems to solve which require a bit of thought and are representative of the sort of work they would be faced with when in the industry. It has been a great experience, it means we meet future potential employees and we learn from their ideas and new perspectives, while the students see their classroom studies come to life.”


Cassel site team and the visiting schools 
St Michaels and Northfield Schools visited our Cassel site recently to learn more about LI, its products, applications and what we do, through presentations made by students currently working at LI. They explained all the different employment routes into the Company including Apprenticeships, Year in Industry, Graduate Placements and Work Experience.

Hannah Jefferson, an apprentice in Commercial Business Administration at Cassel, pointed out: “When you look at a chemical plant the obvious jobs that spring to mind are chemical and other manufacturing engineering roles. But don’t forget the younger employees who are working in the labs whilst studying chemistry at university, eg Young Scientist Scheme. You also have a large office full of people, including business administration apprentices in different departments and placement students on their industrial year away from university. By doing the presentations I hoped to inspire the students and, perhaps, encourage them to consider the different routes of gaining qualifications other than going straight to university.”


Erik and Caleb

LI’s US internship program offers the best and brightest college students an opportunity to nurture their passions, develop their career potential and network with people around the world. Each student brought with them their own skill set and goals into the programme. While we valued their energy, they grasped the opportunity to contribute. Here is some feedback from a couple of our interns.

Erik Church, Chemical Engineering Student, working in MMA:
“I have most enjoyed the opportunities that Lucite International has given me. I have spoken to many friends from school that sit at a desk all day at their internship. The many employees I’ve had the honour of working with don’t settle for that; they pushed me to be out in the plant, lead projects and do things I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do as an intern.”

Caleb Wooten, Mechanical Engineering Student, working in Maintenance & Reliability, added: “One of the best parts of my internship was being able to make suggestions and see my ideas implemented in the field. I enjoyed being able to come up with ideas and communicate openly with the operators and mechanics.

Lucite International is proud of our vibrant youth population, who show great curiosity about their areas of study and passion about the bright future that lies ahead of them. While we aim to help them release their personal potential and recognise their performance, they also add value to our organisation by bringing energy, enthusiasm and a sometimes different perspective and approach along with their own knowledge and interests.