A vast green horizon speckled with wild flowers; an otter, a badger and a couple of foxes, maybe some rabbits and ducks peeping through and you get the picture? Trying to tweet all this natural beauty while the sun’s still up – it’s a snapshot not to be taken for granted.

Humans are part of nature’s rich diversity and have the power to protect or destroy it. Biodiversity, literally the variety of life on earth, is essential to sustaining the living networks and systems that provide us with the health, wealth, food, fuel and vital services that we depend on. With all of this in mind, our Cassel site in the UK is delighted to share news of a recent project that forms part of our Company-wide biodiversity work – the Cassel Meadow.

In partnership with English organisation, INCA (Industry Nature Conservation Association) at the end of 2013, hundreds of plants and several kilos of wild flower seed were added to a newly excavated area at Cassel to develop the wildlife area. INCA’s surveys of the site in the summer of 2014 showed that these planted areas now have blossomed into a busy meadow humming with the pollen-gathering activity of bees, as well as being a valuable resource for a range of wildlife including insects, birds and mammals. Flora such as Bird’s–foot trefoil, Black knapweed, Kidney vetch, Ox-eye daisy, Wild carrot and Yarrow are flourishing.

Cassel Site and part of the newly developed meadow

We learnt in 2014 that one of the most important inhabitants to take up residence in Cassel’s meadow is the Dingy Skipper butterfly, one of the local Tees Valley’s species of conservation importance. Next steps are to undertake further research to expand the project, monitoring invertebrate numbers and species as well as maintaining the new habitat for our growing number of neighbours. How about you? Did you take part in any recent activity to share for World Environment Day?