Lucite International, Inc. (LI) announces that it is progressing with its investment to establish 150kte per year production of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) in 2012 at its Beaumont, Texas facility. The Company will continue to produce MMA at its Memphis, Tennessee facility, uniquely offering two world scale MMA assets to serve the growing demand of the Americas customer base.

In addition, LI is progressing to commence production of Methacrylic Acid (MAA) at its Beaumont, Texas facility in line with the significant investments at the site announced last year. The MAA asset will have a capacity of approximately 23kte per year.

LI is a global leader in the methacrylates industry with unique access to, and understanding of industry requirements. The changes being made now, combined with other investments around the world, are planned to meet increased future customer demand and ensure stable supply to the market.

“These strategic investments are an integral part of an expanding and comprehensive global asset base, which reinforce and delivers LI’s strategic commitment to the merchant market in the Americas and on a global basis for MMA and MAA,” said Robert Connolly, Business Director Monomers. “As demand strengthens LI is uniquely positioned to support the future growth of our customers.”