Gaining ‘approved fabricator’ status from Perspex Distribution Limited (PDL) is a mark of quality craftsmanship, experience and dependability. Clients using Perspex® acrylic see their ideas transformed into reality by approved fabricators who, in many cases, enjoy a relationship with the material going back many years.

At Lucite International, we really value the relationships approved fabricators have with our Perspex® acrylic and love to hear from them about their businesses, customers and projects.

We spoke to London-based Inplas Fabrications about their work.

Pictured: Inplas Fabrications’ Perspex® acrylic ‘light wall’ at a London office development.

Tell us a bit about your company’s history – how long have you been trading and what made you decide to form?

IF: Inplas first opened for business in 1995. Our founder, Trevor Smith, had been in the UK plastics business for the previous 13 years. Deciding to make full use of his materials knowledge and skillset, he “took the plunge” and started the company.

The early years were spent forming close relationships with suppliers and customers. This period was crucial as the strong bonds made during this time continue to this day.

How many people work within your business?

IF: Inplas currently has a team of 10 people.

How would you describe your company’s ethos?

IF: The fundamental spirit of Inplas is striving to be the best at what we do. Our teamwork approach is all about finding solutions to every possible project scenario, big or small. We always look to produce work at the very highest quality possible.

What sets you apart from competitors?

IF: Each member of our dynamic team has been handpicked for their expertise and understanding of every aspect of old and new techniques. Their highly skilled craftsmanship in the field of Perspex® acrylic and plastic fabrication, together with our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, always produces the very highest quality finishes. This is backed by our extensive material knowledge, which is crucial when working very closely with all of our clients.

What types of customer do you supply?

IF: Our customers come from every walk of life. We are a very diverse company that aims to serve anyone who thinks we might be able to assist them, on any project. This is the foundation on which Inplas was built.

What’s your favourite kind of customer?

IF: Every customer is our favourite! If they have chosen to make contact with us and would like to use our services then we are always extremely happy to work with them. We enjoy a large number of returning clients, and we feel that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising any company can enjoy.

What do you like about working with Perspex® acrylic – which of its qualities make it stand out?

IF: Perspex® is our brand of choice because of our total understanding of the product and its fantastic range of finishes. From the primary colours through to the Frosts and Opals, the entire range offers such a vast array of quality finishes that we can guarantee our clients the best results.

Perspex® acrylic’s quality, teamed with our many years of working with it, puts us in the perfect position to react quickly to each project that comes our way.

Tell us about a favourite project that you’ve been involved with using Perspex® acrylic.

IF: A personal favourite project would have to be the “Great Glass Elevators” made by us with Perspex® acrylic for the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film.

We were approached to design and build four of these elevators and the work that went into the manufacturing was incredibly difficult. They were very large, extremely heavy, and every single detail had to be calculated to perfection. Over 400 individual machined and hand polished push buttons were bonded to the inside face which had been CNC line-engraved with the name of each sweet.

Watching Johnny Depp stepping into each elevator to begin his glorious acting role will stay with me forever!

Pictured: Inplas Fabrications helped create the “Great Glass Elevator” from Perspex® acrylic for 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film.

How do you see the future use of Perspex® evolving and what’s your thinking behind this?

IF: Perspex® acrylic will never stop evolving as a material as it has endless possibilities. The world around us will keep changing as new uses of the material continue to be explored. Perspex® acrylic puts no limits on how creative its users can be. That’s why we love working with it so much.