Lucite International Singapore Pte Ltd’s (LISPL) internship program, started in 2014, continues to provide valuable opportunities to students from Singapore Polytechnic who are looking to experience life on a busy manufacturing plant.

September 2018 saw two new students, Chew Yu Xiang and Chee Zhi Hao, join the company. Now at the end of their internships, we spoke to them about their 24-week insights into life at Lucite International.

One of the students, Chee Zhi Hao, said: “Lucite International (LI) was one of the few companies located in Jurong Island (an artificial island made by connecting seven smaller islands, now the centre of Singapore’s energy and chemicals industry) which were highly related to chemical engineering.”

“I saw that LI is well-established globally with sites around the world. I was also interested to learn more about the Alpha technology for producing MMA, which is relatively new.”

“On a typical day, I would be mainly monitoring the plants processes, using trends and sample results and alerting Process Engineers if anything required attention. I would also be doing tasks assigned to me by my department, informing them of any issues with the plant’s processes and suggesting solutions.”

“Working at LISPL has helped me decide that, in the future, I hope to take up Chemical Engineering in a local university to further my studies. I would also like to work in the chemical industry.”

Yu Xiang, who has also completed the internship program at LISPL, shared some similar thoughts: “Of all the many companies available to choose from, LI was the only one offering an engineer role with more hands-on responsibility. Furthermore, as part of the company’s internship program, there were also many training plans that I was interested in.”

“My typical daily role involves a lot of monitoring. In the morning, I print a copy of the shift log to see the actions carried out on the plant over the last 12 hours. This way, I’m always aware of the plant’s status.”

“During the day, I look at the sample data reading sheet to ensure that the process streams are in specification. If there are any abnormalities, I often go to the engineers to clarify and give some suggestion on what possible actions could be taken.”

My goal during this internship program was to learn about the roles and career of a chemical engineer while seeing how much of the knowledge taught in school can be put into use. Working at LISPL has given me a wonderful experience of what my future career could be.

“I plan to pursue a career in chemical engineering. Even though there are still many things I have not yet decided, I have gained much more confidence and knowledge on what chemical engineering is about. If possible, I would also like to further my studies first.”

Lastly, we asked both students to describe working at LI in three words…

Chee Zhi Hao: “Fruitful, fun, unforgettable.”

Chew Yu Xiang: “Incredibly insightful experience.”