To mark International Women’s Day, we announced a series of features celebrating the many talented women working at Lucite International (LI). Tricia Foster, Reliability Engineer at our Fite Road site in the US, spoke to us about her career so far.



(Pictured: Tricia with husband Victor, also working as a Reliability Engineer at our Fite Road site.)


I joined LI in January 2013 and I’ve been in the role of Reliability Engineer for 10 months.

Since joining the Company, I’ve been very happy with my career progress. I’ve had several opportunities to change roles, and the roles available are always varied and lead to an exciting, well-rounded career.

It’s definitely the variety that I enjoy most about my work. There are tasks to complete both in the field and in the office. These could be anything from long-term strategy meetings to urgent “go-do” tasks, so the days pass by quickly. In fact, I’ve never had work go so fast!

If I could give any advice to women aspiring to work in the chemicals industry, I’d tell them that it’s a great field to work in, and it’s also possible to have a career and a family.

I’ve found that, compared to other industries, the chemicals industry is safer and allows a better work-life balance.

Also, don’t be afraid to take jobs that no woman has had before – you’ll grow and the diversity of thought you’ll bring to the department will be invaluable.